Why You Should Buy from a Trusted Commercial Dealer

If you are in the service industry and just starting out in your business or looking to expand your fleet of current service vans, the question that first comes to mind is ‘should I buy brand-new or used?’ followed by ‘where can I find high quality used moving or plumbing vans for sale?’.

For budget conscious businesses, buying a used truck is often the better option! New vehicles depreciate in value the moment they leave the dealership, with a large percentage of that depreciation occurring in the first year alone. The large price difference between a new van and a used model can have a huge impact on your finances when you could use the money for other business needs instead.

For businesses that have equipment but no need for extra cargo space during service calls, a cargo van is what you need. Often used by plumbers, HVAC techs and electricians, cargo vans are easy to customize to your equipment transportation needs. Given the common cargo lengths of 9-13 foot, these contractor vans can efficiently transport all your tools from one location to another.

Moving services, on the other hand, need larger trucks to transport whole households  from one location to another. Whether the move includes appliances, boxes or bulky furniture items, size really matters. Depending on the type jobs you take and what other box trucks are in your fleet, 15 to 26 feet in length is what most pack mover’s use. To make those moves safe and efficient, loading ramps or hydraulic lift gates are always a must have.

A common misconception is that a used van is less reliable than a brand-new one, but with proper maintenance a used vehicle can stay in service for years! Always visit a trusted commercial dealer with a credible track record and stellar reputation. Furthermore, a dealer should be willing to offer after-sales customer service. Whether you have questions regarding vehicle insurance, finance options or extended warranty, a quality dealer will be able to walk you through the entire process.

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