Why Choose a Used Cargo Van for Your Business

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used cargo van

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make as a business owner is picking the right vehicles for your fleet. If you’re in the goods delivery, plumbing/HVAC/electrical services, catering, or tour guide business, the ideal vehicle is a cargo van. A used Ford cargo van, for example promises dependability, space, and performance. Here are several reasons to choose a cargo van for your business:

Fuel Efficiency

A cargo van is just as fuel-efficient as a full-sized sedan, and much more efficient than box trucks.  In a Ford Cargo Van, the 2 stage turbo four-cylinder gasoline engine delivers power efficiency while reducing emissions.


You can transform the interior of your cargo van to fit your requirements. To transport personnel or paying passengers, you can generally add up to 12 seats. For delivery purposes, you may customize the storage by adding partitions, shelves, lockers, or roof racks. You can improve the exterior by adding ladders to the sides, installing solar panels, customizing your bumpers, or installing an exterior awning.

Free Advertising Space and a Professional Look

Adding an eye-catching logo on the side of your cargo van can bring significant benefits to your business. By driving around town, your brand name gets seen by up to 70% of motorists according to studies. It’s like having a billboard on wheels!

High Resale Value

A used Ford cargo van has a high resale value because of its attributes as an ideal business vehicle—particularly when it is well maintained.

Did you know that there are almost brand new cargo vans being sold by companies that update their fleets regularly? A pre-owned cargo van in good running condition can be a fantastic investment!


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