Why You Should Choose a GMC Box Truck for Your Business

By January 29, 2021Truck Blog
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If you’re engaged in the catering, retail, landscaping, wholesale or other business that requires frequent movement of goods or equipment, you’ll need to own a commercial vehicle, and the one that can best help you get on with your daily activities would be a box truck. Do you know that the box truck is among the more than 15 million trucks cruising on American roads today? 

A box truck is an ideal vehicle for small businesses. Being the smaller version of a full-size cargo vehicle, it is ideal for local runs because of its maneuverability and higher gas mileage. 

Box trucks come in different brands, models and sizes, but each of them has unique attributes. Whatever these may be, these are all intended to help their owners run their business efficiently.

As far as box trucks are concerned, one of the best you can bet on is the truck from General Motors Corporation or GMC. If you are looking for power, flexibility, convenience, and value for your money, buying the GMC box truck for sale would be great for your business..

Here are the top 8 factors why a GMC box truck would be an ideal commercial vehicle for your enterprise:

1. Power

The GMC box truck, the GMC 3500 in particular, is powered with a Vortec 6.0L V-8 342 horsepower gas engine with 295 ft-lb of torque paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The GMC box truck has  a load capacity of up to 9,156 pounds.  

2. Dependability

You can depend on the GMC box truck because it is made of high-quality materials. It is always ready to pick up and resume any task you have left off the day before. The GMC box truck is always ready to deliver and help you do your business efficiently.

3. Driver Comfort 

To GMC, the comfort of your driver is key to a productive trucking operation. For this reason, the company has equipped their GMC box trucks with air conditioning together with other amenities like the standard AM/FM stereo and MP3 player, digital click, anti-theft lock, two front door speakers and a lot more.

Each box truck from GMC is fitted with a triple door seal that blocks noise coming from the engine and other external sources. This commercial vehicle is designed with advanced technology and intended to perform rigorous work while providing comfort to its operator.

4. Safety

All GMC box trucks are fitted with a rear-view camera to ensure maximum safety. This makes the vehicle easier to maneuver even in crowded spaces.

Front airbags are also available on GMC box trucks, especially the Savanna 3500 and 4500 models. These commercial vehicles are also equipped with a four-wheel disc anti-lock system brake system and hill-start assist that adds an extra margin of safety.

5. Speed

Generally, box trucks have a lot of advantages than full size freight trucks. This becomes apparent especially if you are operating in an urban area or metropolis where spaces are tighter for maneuvering especially during deliveries. 

6. Efficiency

Although they are smaller than full size commercial trucks, the GMC box truck is roomy and large enough for a full-grown man to stand straight in the cargo compartment. This makes it easy for your crew to do loading and unloading without constraints or possible back injuries.   

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Owning a box truck for your business is like having a billboard on wheels. It transports goods from one place to another, yet it also works to promote your business.

8. Storage

A box truck isn’t only effective in transporting goods. You can also use it as a safe and secure storage space for your supplies and equipment. 

If you are a wholesaler or a serious provider of electrical, plumbing, landscaping, HVAC or other types of services that require delivery of goods and equipment, you should consider owning a GMC box truck because of its numerous potentials to improve your business.

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