What You Should Lookout for When Buying a Used Box Truck

By July 13, 2021Truck Blog

Commercial trucks are an indispensable component of business. It is a necessity for the efficient and consistent movement of merchandise which is essential in the trading world. Whether you are transporting goods or setting up a mobile store or work station, you’ll be able to accomplish your task with a medium duty truck fitted with a cargo box. There are lots of used box trucks for sale and you can buy them anytime from commercial box truck dealers. It’s really all up to you to decide where and when. 

Buying a commercial truck is an investment. With that said, you must, by all means, strive to get a good deal from commercial box truck dealers –  especially if you’re buying used. 

So, to get the best value for your investment, you need to consider a lot of factors when buying a used medium-sized commercial vehicle.  Remember, you are making this investment to make your business more efficient and profitable. You must be able to get a vehicle with the right condition at the right price.


Here are things you need to lookout for when buying a used commercial box truck:


Your Need vs Size of the Cargo Box

When buying a box truck, you should first understand your needs then compare them with the truck’s capacity to deliver. This means you need to consider inputs such as the type of cargo you want to transport as well as the size and weight of the load. Use these as a basis for determining the type of door and flooring of the cargo box, as well as the chassis and wheel size of the vehicle.

A majority of box trucks fall within the gross vehicle weight classes 3 through 6 or up to 26,000 pounds of cargo. If you want to buy a truck larger than these, you should have it driven by someone with a commercial driver’s license. 


Here are some efficient, used box trucks we can recommend for your business:


2013 Isuzu NPR Eco-Max – 14′ Cargo Box


This 2013 ISUZU NPR ECO-MAX – is a 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel, auto Transmission with 12,000 GVW. It has a three-seater cab interior, has cold AC with power W&L. Cargo box is 14 ft long and equipped with a 1600 lb capacity lift gate.


2016 Chevrolet 3500 – 12′ Cargo Box


This Chevrolet 3500 commercial vehicle is a fleet maintained12-foot, 9,900-pound diesel cargo box truck mounted with a 6.6L V8 Duramax Diesel Engine. It has auto transmission, AM/FM, Cold AC, and hardwood floor. It is also equipped with a side beverage door.  

2013 Ford E350 – 16′ Cargo Box


Our 2013 Ford E350  is a fleet maintained 5.4L V8 Gas Engine. It has auto transmission,  cold AC, an MP3/CD Player, and a 3rd Man Jump Seat. It’s cargo box is 16 ft long with loading ramp & step bumper. 


Condition of the Vehicle

Considering that you have already found your prospective vehicles, there is one important thing that you need to ascertain – and that’s the condition of the commercial truck in question. Being a used vehicle, you cannot expect your prospective commercial truck to be perfect, for it will surely have a number of problems beyond the surface. But to be sure that there are no major defects, you must make thorough observations. Take notes of damaged portions as well as signs of misuse. Inspect the cab and evaluate carefully if it had been abused or well taken care of by previous operators.


Next, inspect the controls and see if their appearance matches with the truck’s age. If the controls look older than the vehicle’s age, it could mean that the vehicle might be in need of repairs due to abuse.


The next area that you need to evaluate is the cargo box and see if the wear and tear matches with the service records. Check the cargo floor as well to see if the hardwood is still in good shape.


Inspect the tires because they can tell a lot about how the truck’s operators treated the vehicle. If the tires are worn out, It simply means the truck was not properly maintained. 


Lastly, inspect the rear door because it can play an important role especially if you’re operating on a shipping dock.


When shopping for used commercial box trucks, you must act defensively because the risks are too high. One way to ensure the quality of used commercial box trucks for sale is to deal only with reputable commercial box truck dealers like Truck-N-Trailer. 


Another item that shouldn’t be left out is to make sure that your dealer is able to provide you with all of the vital information you’ll need such as proof of ownership and maintenance records. Truck-N-Trailer can help to make sure that you’re on the right track.


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