Used Van or Truck for Your Business: What’s Not to Love?

box truck repair shop

Buying your own van or truck to operate your own independent business is often a great idea! Given the chance, you would love to get started with a fleet of brand-new equipment, but the fact is, navigating through this business is as tricky as it is promising. Before purchasing a van or truck for your product or service, you need to consider several factors to ensure that you get the best return on your investment: cost of ownership, your choice of trucks and vans, and the quality of the equipment.

A great way to get started is by purchasing used trucks or vans from a trusted used commercial truck dealer in your area.

Pre-owned, pre-loved, second-hand or used—regardless of what they are called, buying used can give your business an early advantage. Here are four big reasons why business owners love used trucks:

Low Sale Price

In 2017, the cost of commercial truck operations rose by 6% to $1.69 per mile from $1.59 in 2016, according to a report by the American Transportation Research Institute. By opting for used trucks, you get access to the best deals and don’t strain your budget. The cost of a single piece of used equipment saves you some serious cash, and allows you to purchase truck accessories or even buy another vehicle. Equipment financing options can shield you from overspending on your business and let you spread out your expenses over time. A budget-conscious business owner is what you need to be!

Low Taxes and Insurance, High Value

Unlike their new counterparts, that come with high market value and require costly repairs, used box trucks and vans are appraised at a lower value and generally cost less to insure. Despite its depreciation, a used truck still holds value when its repairs and maintenance are performed on schedule. To make sure that happens, bring your used van or truck to a reputable used box truck repair shop and service facility. At the first sign of trouble, a reputable shop can keep your storage or delivery transport equipment fixed and well maintained at an affordable rate with a fast turnaround time.

Readily Available

While purchasing a new truck carries a certain feeling of excitement, it can also subject you to long wait and order processing times. Unless the truck you want is in the dealer’s facility, you may have to wait for your new order to finally serve its purpose. On the other hand, used trucks in a dealer’s inventory are usually in stock, readily available, and ready for buyers to test drive.

A Full Range of Choices

Used trucks serve a strong, massive market, as reported by dealers. That means customers can enjoy a wide range of options. The trick is to find a seasoned dealer of medium duty commercial trucks that has earned a reputation for top-quality equipment and customer satisfaction. It is critical that you find dealers with truck and vans inventories that feature a wide variety of age, mileage, and equipment specifications to meet your needs.


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