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The United States DOT puts trucks and other such vehicles into classes. These classes are destingished by their Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, otherwise know as GVWR. These classes have a total of eight different ranges from smallest to largest.

GVWR refers to the maximum weight a vehicle can carry while operating. This weight also includes the weight of the truck itself. Classes based off of GVWR have nothing to do with what parts are on the vehicle, how amazing or bad the suspension is, or even what the vehicle looks like. It is solely based off the weight of the vehicle. If a vehicle’s GVWR is 10,000 pounds, then that would mean the manufacturer and government have certified that that vehicle to possibly weigh with fuel, passangers, and cargo, if any.

The primary reason that these classes exist is for safety regulations, commercial designation, and registration purposes. For example, the “weigh stations” one might see on the side of the highway exits is to help assure truckers as to whether or not they’re exceeding their weight limit. Those stations generally only apply to truckers if their total-wieght (the truck and whatever else may be pulled) exceeds 26,000 pounds – which is the minimum weight required a CDL in most states.

Here are the different classes and what types of vehicles may be in them:

Light Duty

  • Class 1 (6,000lbs or less):
    • Minivan
    • Cargo Van
    • SUV
    • Pickup Truck
  • Class 2 (6,001lbs to 10,000lbs):
    • Minivan
    • Cargo Van
    • Full-size Pickup
    • Step Van
  • Class 3 (10,001lbs to 14,000lbs):
    • Walk-in
    • Box Trucks
    • City Delivery Trucks
    • Heavy-Duty Pickups

Medium Duty

  • Class 5 (16,001lbs to 19,500lbs):
    • Bucket Trucks
    • Large Walk-ins
    • City Delivery Trucks
  • Class 6 (19,501lbs to 26,000lbs):
    • Beverage Trucks
    • Single-Axle
    • School Bus
    • Rack Truck

Heavy Duty

  • Class 7 (26,001lbs to 33,000lbs):
    • Refuses
    • Furniture Trucks
    • City Transit Bus
    • Truck Tracker
  • Class 8 (33,001 to Heavier):
    • Cement Truck
    • Truck Tractor
    • Dump Truck
    • Sleeper Cab

Trucks that weigh less than 14,000 pounds are called light trucks. These vehicles consist of pickups or light weight vans. These vehicles can all have different occupations, however, for the most part; the two have their own general use. For example, light weight pickup trucks are good for transporting contractor’s tools and equipment to a job site, making this a service vehicle most times. As for the light weight van, the primary use for it is retail. Department stores of different types will use a van to transport purchased goods to a customer’s home.

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