Your Truck Ready For Winter?

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Winter is just around the corner, and it’s important to begin preparing now to ensure you’re not stuck out in the cold in the months ahead – especially with important deliveries due. Here are some tips to get your truck ready for the winter months:

Have a tune-up and make those repairs now. Most people wait until spring or summer to have their battery checked, but right before winter is the best time to have your battery, electrical components, fluids and tires (including the spare!) inspected to ensure you’ll be able to start the engine on those cold mornings. If you’ve been putting off pressing repairs, get them done now. Putting off repairs could result in higher maintenance bills later.

Check your windshield. The change in the air can mean unsuspecting cracks and chips all of a sudden become much larger issues. Have your windshield inspected and fix any potential issues before they cost a lot more money. Also consider changing out your windshield wiper fluid to a heavy-duty brand and changing out your wiper blades.

Have an emergency kit. You can’t plan for Mother Nature and having a first-aid kit, blankets, spare oil, coolant, road flares, reflective triangles, fire extinguisher, jumper cables and a weather radio could save your life. Don’t forget to think of yourself, as well, and include non-perishable snacks, water an extra cell phone battery.

Keep the de-icer close by – but not in your vehicle. De-icer can really assist you when you have a windshield that is frozen over or frozen locks. But if the de-icer is in the truck, it will add to the frustration of frozen locks and any other issue where Mother Nature has decided today is not your day. There’s a wide range of products available, so do your homework to find the best product for you. A friendly reminder: Don’t store your de-icer in your vehicle. If your locks freeze, it won’t do you any good.

Monitor your tire pressure. Keep an eye on your tire pressure throughout the winter months. You could lose air due to the cold, and if you’re low on air, you’re more likely to get a flat.

We invite you to schedule your appointment for those preventative service measures. Truck-N-Trailer’s family owned and operated shop is dedicated to maintaining your commercial delivery truck from bumper to bumper.
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