The Top 3 Most Recommended Ford Cargo Van for Your Business

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If your business, whether it is big or small, needs vehicles to transfer their cargo or passengers from one location to another, cargo vans are ideal. There are numerous brands and models on the market that present the perfect cargo volume and appealing interior. Ford has one of the best cargo vans to offer in the market!

Before going into the list of top 3 most recommended cargo vans or Ford box trucks for sale, let’s check first the criteria of a great cargo van.

  • Fuel Savings. As a businessman, you have to choose a commercial vehicle such as a cargo van, which is worth your money. A fuel-efficient van does not only mean an environment-friendly vehicle but also better mileage for less fuel cost. Light-duty vehicles have 22 miles per gallon fuel efficiency on average, but because of competition, most cargo vans are more fuel-efficient.
  • Since cargo vans are mostly used for business purposes, it should be durable and reliable enough to be on long trips transporting goods. The right cargo van can last for years with the help of some proper maintenance from the owner.
  • The ideal cargo van should be spacious enough to fit in your desired supplies for any situation.
  • The cargo van needs to meet your business needs. You can do this by customizing either its interior or exterior so it can be as comfortable and practical as possible.

Now that you already have essential factors to consider in choosing the right cargo van, here are the top 3 Ford cargo vans recommended for your business:

Ford Transit

Depending on your business trade, Ford Transit is available as a cargo van, passenger van, or crew van. It provides safety by adding a modern driver-assistance feature to it. Additionally, it delivers smooth handling and high cargo capacity. These features make it the most recommended Ford Cargo Van in the market. Some of the specs are 22 MPG, 4,560 pounds maximum payload capacity, and 487 cubic feet maximum cargo volume.

Ford Transit Connect

It is a smaller van compare to Ford Transit but is available in both regular and long-wheelbase versions. It is built as a compact panel van alternative to traditional full-size work vans. The Ford Transit Connect features a car-based architecture with an economical four-cylinder engine. If you are trying to find a compact cargo van with car-like features, Ford Transit may be perfect for you. Some of the specs are 20 MPG, 1,620 pounds maximum payload capacity, and 129 cubic feet maximum cargo volume.

Ford E-Series

Also known as Ford Econoline is a variety of full-size vans and initially introduced in 1961. Since then, Ford E-Series has been the best-selling full-size Ford step van for sale in the United States. Although it was first manufactured a long time ago, its durability and functionality make it the best second-hand Ford step van for sale in the market. Ford E350 is one of the most famous models of Ford box trucks for sale in the United States.

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