‘Thinner’ Oil and Truck Fuel Efficiency

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Truck Fuel Efficiency

Learn how thinner oil effects truck fuel efficiency. Lowering the viscosity of heavy duty engine oils in trucks is front and center in the future. ‘Thinner’ oils produce increased truck fuel economy efficiency and it lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Of course this is well known by lubricant makers. The challenge is to keep trucks vital parts effectively lubed while not decreasing engine life.

A New Category

This low viscosity oil is in a new engine oil category – Proposed Category 11. the American Petroleum Institute (API) is developing the oil. Manufacturers want this new category of oil to handle the higher engine temperatures and to prevent oil shearing and aeration.

Shell Oil

Shell Oil’s OEM technology manager, Dan Arcy, are vigorously testing this low viscosity oil’s ability to protect a truck engine. He said the tests so far show it’s protecting the engine the same way 15W-40 oil does.

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