The Benefits of Upfitting Your Work Truck

By April 30, 2021Truck Blog
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When you shop for an effective work vehicle for your trade or business, there is no doubt that you’d want one that fits your needs. It always helps to have the right equipment as it can make you more efficient and productive. Having the right work truck could mean you’re willing to go as far as customizing your chosen vehicle or consider taking the vehicle to a specialist so that your specific requirements are met. Upfitting may be for you.


What is Upfitting?

In simple terms, upfitting is providing an existing vehicle with customized augmentations or accessories to meet the needs of the owner or user. There are many ways to upfit a commercial vehicle, but it is always dependent on the specific needs of the owner. It can involve fabrication and installation of additional racks, storage compartments, bulkheads, towing capability or making changes to the vehicle’s chassis and suspension. Vehicle upfitting is intended for a definite purpose and it is to improve the vehicle to make it more effective in making the owner’s job easier, faster, and more efficient.


Benefits of Upfitting

Upfitting a work vehicle involves cost, but it can give back certain advantages that are beneficial not only to your operations but to your business in general.

  1. Upfitting makes your job easier and more organized because it is customized for your job.  
  2. If you own a fleet, upfitting can be made a standard for same-purpose vehicles to provide the same level of efficiency for all employees. It will create a benchmark for your service and allow you to make a fair assessment of the performance of each of your workers.
  3. Upfitting allows you, as a business owner, to create an efficient, productive and systematic work environment.
  4. Work vehicles that are fitted intelligently help your drivers and crew members to be more productive. This alone can help you attract new customers.  
  5. Upfitting allows you to bring all the equipment you need for your operation. If you’re using the vehicle as your work truck, a vehicle upfit  is an assurance that you will have all the tools and equipment to accomplish a job. 
  1. Upfitting increases your margin of safety


Upfitted vehicles are typically fitted with excellent equipment such as front and rear cameras and collision sensing technology to make your trips safer and more productive. It can practically help to keep you safe from accidents.


Work truck upfitting is generally beneficial to tradesmen such as mechanics, electricians, plumbers, HVAC installation and repair specialists, and installers of cable and internet connections. If your vocation involves installation or repair and maintenance services, having a customized work vehicle can really be an asset to your work.  


Things You Need to Consider before Upfitting Your work Truck

Before doing an upfitting job, there’s a lot of important things you need to consider. These include the number of trucks you have, your upfitting design, your budget, and the length of time you need to complete your customization.


How to Upfit a Work Truck or Commercial Vehicle

Upfitting a vehicle is a challenging job. It can even be intimidating because you are trying to modify a costly item which can diminish its value if you don’t do it right the first time.   


But you need not worry much especially if you’re working with a proven upfitter. One way to make sure you’re doing it right from beginning to end is to seek help from a medium duty trucks dealer or fleet sales manager. With their experience, they can help you figure out what vehicle upfits and accessories are suited to your work.


Here’s one gentle reminder by the way. If you’re managing a fleet, avoid making an upfitting decision on your own as it could affect many parties. Always seek involvement and representation from employees because they know what’s best for them to be able to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively. Do what’s best for the general majority and not for individual employees.


Upfitting a work truck or medium duty vehicle can be advantageous. It can help to increase efficiency, speed profit and customer satisfaction.

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