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Checking and Servicing Your Truck’s U Bolt

You know how to change the oil, replace belts and batteries, and check the fluids, but do you know how to check the U bolt? We recently shared summer service tips to help keep your truck rolling comfortably along. Let us show you show just how important the U bolt is.

What is It?

It is the main piece of hardware or bracket and it holds the box onto the truck chassis.

How to Check

This is a must!  Check the U bolt every 24,000 miles, or every six months.  Find it underneath the box just behind the… Continue reading

Battery Service for Used Trucks

The click-click-click may mean you need a battery service check-up. The sound of your truck not starting is more than annoying. It stops your day and means the battery not starting the engine. So before you hear the often-termed “death” sound for your battery, make sure you take preventative measures to stop it from happening.Battery Service

Your truck battery supplies electricity for the starter, engine and electronic accessories and stores energy from the alternator. Needless to say, a non-working battery can derail your summer deliveries before it even begins.

Battery Corrosion

Corrosion happens with the natural gases from the battery condense… Continue reading

Summer Truck Maintenance: Prepare Your Truck For The Busy Season

Summer is near and it’s time to think about transitioning to the different driving conditions. Here in Oklahoma, the extreme summer heat can be as tough on your truck as the harsh winter weather. And if you’re driving plans call for trips to other parts of the country, you may encounter both Extreme heat, and mild temperatures on a single trip.

To ensure your truck is prepared to roll comfortably along, without mishaps or breakdowns, here are some service tips that go beyond the obvious oil and filter changes and lube jobs. These summer… Continue reading