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The Benefits of Upfitting Your Work Truck

work trucks

When you shop for an effective work vehicle for your trade or business, there is no doubt that you’d want one that fits your needs. It always helps to have the right equipment as it can make you more efficient and productive. Having the right work truck could mean you’re willing to go as far as customizing your chosen vehicle or consider taking the vehicle to a specialist so that your specific requirements are met. Upfitting may be for you.


What is Upfitting?

In simple terms, upfitting is providing an existing vehicle with customized augmentations or accessories to meet… Continue reading

4 Factors You Should Consider Before Buying a Used Commercial Truck

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying a Used Commercial Truck

Trucks are our silent yet effective partner to progress. According to Markets Insider, trucking moves 71% of the total freight in the United States, and almost 6% of all full-time jobs in our country are in the trucking industry.

If your business is giving good returns and things turn out as you planned, you’d probably want to expand your business or buy a bigger equipment to cater to the growing demands of your customers. One of the things you’d want to do is buy a bigger commercial truck, and buying a used medium duty truck would be a viable,… Continue reading

Top 8 Mistakes made Ordering Medium-Duty Box Trucks

Here is a quick list on 8 items to look out for when ordering medium-duty box trucks. Whether the body is too short or too long, the truck sits too high, or the chassis is too light are just a few examples of where the specs on a medium-duty box truck can go wrong. It can only take on mistake to significantly halt employee productivity and drive up vehicle costs. To correct the mistake after the fact with premature maintenance problems caused by trying to operate in an “as-is” state.

Avoid these top eight things when ordering a medium-duty box… Continue reading