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Dealing with Cargo Boxes Water Leaks

Cargo boxes, also known as van bodies, get water leaks. Even new ones! Once they do, the next problem is finding the leak. The best solution is not getting them in the first place. If you do have a leak, how do you detect them? How do you prevent them? And how do you fix them?

“One way to detect water leaks is by looking out for water stains in the interior lining of the truck.” Kirk Booth, Service Manager at Truck-N-Trailer, said.  “Water leaks typically occur in the front, or forward, two corners of the box. This is… Continue reading

Learning about Automatic Transmission Fluid

Transmissions, it is what makes a vehicle shift into another gear. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) also known as manual transmission fluid or gear lube, keeps parts lubricated so they slip into position. With the shifting mechanical parts occurring inside your vehicle, the parts need to be properly lubricated in order for everything to function properly. Understand the transmission fluid, take care of it and extend the life of your truck.

Why Change Transmission Fluid
Changing transmission fluid is critical to the health of the truck. When to change it, depends on the brand. Automakers’ specific transmission fluids are designed to… Continue reading