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Right to Repair

The Right to Repair bill is something everyone needs in today’s age. This is because vehicle manufacturers are fighting to “lock out” all vehicle owners. What this means is the manufacturers are trying to prevent owners from maintaining their vehicles. Primarily the vehicle’s computer system. By locking out vehicle owners, manufacturers are able to drive more business back to their dealerships. If this were to happen, it means anything from a simple tire change to adjusting the transmission could cost a lot more than simply doing it yourself.

Should manufacturers make it this way, shopping around for the best deal,… Continue reading

Proposed Rule of Requiring Rear Impact Protection on Single Unit Trucks

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed a rear impact protection regulation. Plan on this going forward. This possible amendment will require, single unit trucks to require rear impact (underride) guards. It will also require them to improve the standards’ requirements for guards. This includes guards now required for heavy trailers, and semitrailers. In addition to requiring underride guards the NHTSA is also requesting that trucks have retroreflective tape placed on the rear end and sides of the vehicle to provide more visibility to the truck.Proposed Rule of Requiring Rear Impact Protection on Single Unit Trucks

Costs Go Up

While these proposed rear impact protection regulations would cause less causalities… Continue reading

Hours of Service Regulations — Why They Should Matter to You

Federal service regulations has declared that drives who operate commercial motor vehicles, or CMVs, who is part of a business that takes part in interstate commerce should abide by the Hours of Service (HOS). HOS regulations are by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). They ensure the safety of commercial truck drivers.

What these regulations do is provide a standard of how many hours a driver should be driving and how long he/she should be resting. With these regulations, truck drivers are able to have a safe commute to and from the destinations.

Guidelines require several items. For example,… Continue reading