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Learning about Automatic Transmission Fluid

Transmissions, it is what makes a vehicle shift into another gear. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) also known as manual transmission fluid or gear lube, keeps parts lubricated so they slip into position. With the shifting mechanical parts occurring inside your vehicle, the parts need to be properly lubricated in order for everything to function properly. Understand the transmission fluid, take care of it and extend the life of your truck.

Why Change Transmission Fluid
Changing transmission fluid is critical to the health of the truck. When to change it, depends on the brand. Automakers’ specific transmission fluids are designed to… Continue reading

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Reduces Pollution

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is here to stay. All light, medium, and heavy duty trucks created in 2010 and newer are now incorporating DEF tanks. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pushing towards enforcing the Clean Air. By doing this, EPA is hoping to reduce, or at least regulate the dangerous NOx emissions that are given off by vehicles. Diesel vehicles happen to be one of the top contributors to the NOx emissions. DEF was created to help reduce these emissions.

Diesel exhaust fluid is a nonhazardous solution that is sprayed down into the exhaust stream of all diesel vehicles.… Continue reading