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The Ultimate Guide for Driving in Bad Weather

Driving in Bad Weather - Winter Truck Driving

Driving in bad weather is one of the most challenging obstacles faced by truck drivers. Many people just don’t drive in bad weather but truck drivers do not have that luxury. It is important for truck drivers to be alert and prepared when driving in bad weather. Following this guide for driving in bad weather will help keep everyone on the road safe.


Five Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

Be Prepared

The weather is unpredictable so it is always important to prepare for any situation. Nothing is more stressful than driving in bad weather unprepared. Getting stuck in… Continue reading

Truck Driver Safety Tips You Need to Know

Truck Driver Blind Spots

Truck drivers know they have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country so following truck driver safety tips is a must. Stay safe on the road with these quick and easy safety tips.


You Know It

The job requires caution, concentration and expertise. Truck drivers must be aware of their truck, wildlife, and other motorists on the road and remain aware of the truck’s cargo. Because of heavy or dangerous cargo, a mistake could have major consequences.

Truck driving consistently ranks as one of the “10 Most Dangerous Jobs”. Over 85,000 injuries and 411,000 accidents involved large… Continue reading