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Summer Truck Battery Maintenance – Keep it Cool

Summer Truck Battery Maintenance - Keep it Cool

Proper summer truck battery maintenance drastically extends service life. Our service department put together four truck battery maintenance tips, helping prevent batteries from experiencing excessive discharge and premature deterioration

  1. Keep the battery cool. Parking in shaded or covered areas can help extend battery life. When storing batteries, check the manufacturer’s recommended storage temperature.
  2. Keep electronics turned off. Electronics are the main source of parasitic loads and play a significant role in draining battery power. Power down electronics before exiting the vehicle. This is especially important if the engine is going to remain inactive for an extended period of time.
  3. Keep moving. Parasitic loads will drain the battery if the engine is inactive for too long. If possible, try to keep the truck on the road and minimize the time spent idling.
  4. Keep the battery charged. Properly charging the battery is the most important way to ensure the most out of the battery. Use a battery charger if needed.

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