Six Factors that Make the Ford Transit a Perfect Cargo Van for Your Business

By November 27, 2020Truck Blog, Trucks
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The Ford Transit is one of the best-selling cargo vans ever introduced into the market. In fact, it has overcome competition from popular brands like the Ram ProMaster and the luxurious Mercedes Sprinter.


If you look at the 2020 Ford Transit cargo van, you’ll see that it is even enhanced and refreshed more comprehensively. It is a perfect vehicle for any business.

With that said, what then makes the Ford Transit one of the best cargo vans today? Here are six good reasons you should know:

1. Design, Power and Efficiency

The Ford Transit cargo van is intelligently designed for more power, efficiency and carrying capacity. Even a used cargo van of this brand will have an impressive exterior which carries Ford’s iconic design. When you look at the vehicle’s interior, you will see a uniquely crafted cabin that features an instrument panel that allows you to use a number of advanced technologies right at your fingertips.

2. Excellent Load Space

All cargo vans are expected to provide a spacious load area, but the Transit offers much more. It provides 15.1 cubic meters of load space and is able to accommodate cargo more than three meters in length. With its carrying capacity of 2.1 tons, you’ll never run short of space with the Ford Transport. The vehicle is also designed for easy loading and unloading of cargo as it is fitted with wide side load doors, rear access step and optimized opening height.

3. Pleasant Driving Experience

With its advanced technology, the Transit is made to help you become smarter and more efficient in your driving. Its Blind Spot Information System and Cross Traffic Alert utilities are all designed to keep you aware of other vehicles or objects when reversing or changing lanes. It is also equipped with an Active Park Assist feature which enables you to park the van easily.

Additionally, the Transit is equipped with a new feature called Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control which you can rely on to make long drives easier and less costly. To make you aware of what’s around you while you’re driving, Ford has equipped the Transit with a front wide-view camera and a high resolution rear-view camera with Downlighter. These modern technologies should make the Transit many levels above other cargo vans for sale you’ll see today.

4. Advanced Engine Technology

The Transit is undoubtedly one of the most powerful used cargo vans on the road because of its next generation 2.0-liter Ford EcoBlue diesel engine. It has four powertrains that are capable of delivering up to 185 PS and 415 Nm of torque.

With the Ford Transit cargo van, you can be assured of a top performing yet fuel-efficient engine that can certainly hurdle any emission standards anywhere.

5. The Transit can Connect You to the World

Fitted with a FordPass Connect modem, the Transit works to connect you to the world in real time. This system is equipped with a 4G WiFi that can accommodate up to 10 devices. It has the capability to provide you with real-time traffic updates which is available right in the vehicle’s navigation system.

The Ford Transit has another amazing feature. It allows you to combine its FordPass app on your phone and enable you to perform certain tasks including checking if you have locked your doors, and locking or unlocking them. This app also allows you to locate your van on a map. You really don’t need to worry about forgetting the exact location if you happen to park the van in an unfamiliar place.

6. Safe and Secure

The Ford Transit has a Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection. It is a safety device that is powered with radar and camera technology to scan the road ahead. It has the capability to detect a collision risk with a vehicle, cyclist, pedestrian or other road users while you’re driving. If it detects a collision risk, the Pre-Collision Assist will give you a warning. If you don’t respond at the right moment, the system will automatically work to reduce or eliminate collision through the application of up to full braking force.

Engine performance, safety, cargo capacity and convenience are the most common aspects people look for in commercial cargo vans. You can find all of these attributes in the Ford Transit cargo van.

With its grand design, technology and tested overall performance, the Ford Transit is a perfect vehicle for your business. Make your operations more efficient and fast with used or brand new cargo vans from Truck-N-Trailer.

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