Selecting the Right Tires for Medium-Duty Trucks

By November 19, 2012Tires, Trucks, Vans

Selecting the right tires for medium-duty trucks affects vehicle performance, fuel economy and tire replacement cycles. There are more variables involved when selecting tires for medium-duty trucks vs. light-duty. They include:

  • different tread types designed around a truck’s operating weight and tire position
  • tires designed for long haul, and on or off-road trucks

Tires should be selected on the basis of specific application of the truck and weight considerations.

You’d want to get a different tires for trucks making deliveries in neighborhoods vs. trucks that are used off-road for construction applications. Also consider the climate the truck will operate in as well as durability and traction of various tire brands.

When selecting tires, don’t over-compensate and get a tire with a more aggressive tread than your truck application needs. If a tread is too aggressive, the tread life will be shortened and your total cost will be higher in the long run. Focus on the type of work your fleet will be doing and purchase accordingly.

Maintaining Truck Tires

Regular maintenance is critical – don’t neglect this after purchasing your truck tires. Set up a schedule to make sure tires are properly inflated.

If you buy tires in bulk, be sure they are name brand to get manufacturer support. If your company buys retreaded tires, it’s important to stick to a name brand there too. Those ‘road alligators’ you see on the highway are most likely the result of an off-brand tire.

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