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The Right to Repair bill is something everyone needs in today’s age. This is because vehicle manufacturers are fighting to “lock out” all vehicle owners. What this means is the manufacturers are trying to prevent owners from maintaining their vehicles. Primarily the vehicle’s computer system. By locking out vehicle owners, manufacturers are able to drive more business back to their dealerships. If this were to happen, it means anything from a simple tire change to adjusting the transmission could cost a lot more than simply doing it yourself.

Should manufacturers make it this way, shopping around for the best deal, availability, and location will be impossible.  With this bill, should it be passed, vehicle owners will still be able to go to their friendly mechanic who services their vehicle, rather than go to their vehicle’s dealership. Not only that, the owner will be able to go at a time that suits their schedule best, rather than having to obey the dealership. As for those who live far out in the country, and the only dealership who will service their vehicle is fifty miles away, they can simply go to the mechanic down the street or in their small town.

This bill reaffirms the owner’s right to maintain their vehicle and keep their family safe. It also promotes consumer safety by allowing owners, or their auto mechanics, access to the computers that control the vehicle’s systems and components that affect the safety of the vehicle. It also allows the owner to choose where and how the vehicle is maintained. While also authorizing the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to promulgate regulations to protect consumers while also promoting the competition in the auto maintenance and repair industry.

This bill is important for both vehicle owners and non-dealership mechanics. Should it not be passed, vehicle owners could be looking at expensive trips or bills for maintenance of their vehicles. While auto mechanics could lose their jobs or facilities due to being such down.

Beware of what state you are in. Each state has their own regulations for the right to repair. Oklahoma has proposed the right to repair back to legislative, however no further action has been taken. California and New York have certain restrictions small mechanics must follow in order to comply with the regulations. Whereas, Massachusetts and Oregon are the only states to have full access to manufacturer’s belongings.

To join the cause, or to help push for the right to repair bill to be passed in your state visit Right to Repair and sign the petition.

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