Properly Securing Cargo

By January 4, 2017Truck Blog

The common denominator within the truck transportation industry is the need to move goods from one point to another. Equally important however, is the requirement of having those goods arrive secure and undamaged. Properly securing cargo is a must with any box truck. For simplicity and peace of mind, toss out that old rope and try the E-Track fastening system.

E-Track is an industry standard tie-down system for box trucks and cargo trailers. With a standard length of 10 ft, E Track is constructed of galvanized steel with tightly spaced slots stamped from end to end. These slots are designed to receive and secure various E track fasteners. A full stick of E-Track has approximately 60 slots, giving your moving crew numerous anchor points to work with.

Installation of E-Track is most common on the cargo box side walls; however, it can be installed on the floor as well. When installing E Track on the walls of your box truck or trailer, it should be fastened to the body’s vertical ribs or support post at each point of contact. For the most secure installation, use rivets rather than screws. Its also worth noting that E Track can be mounted at any height on your side walls. Most delivery companies prefer to have multiple rows of E-Track to increase their tie down options.

When considering E Track accessories, transporters have a lot of options. Here’s a list of some of the most popular E-Track cargo tie downs:


  • Ratchet Straps: Most commonly 2” x 12’ webbing strap, ratchet, spring end fittings (x2)
  • Cam Buckle: Most commonly 2” x 12’ webbing strap, cam buckle, spring end fittings (x2)
  • Rope Tie Off: Most commonly 2” x 6” webbing strap, D-Ring, spring end fittings (x2)*Provides an easy tie off point for rope, bungees, and S-hook straps
  • O-Ring Tie Down: Spring end fitting with direct attached O-Ring*Provides an easy tie off point for rope, bungees, and S-hook straps
  • J-Hook: Spring end fitting with direct attached J-hook*Great for hanging tools and gear
  • Wood Beam Socket: Spring end fitting with direct attached metal pocket to hold 2×4 ends.*Allows for the construction of shelving or simply to help hold back cargo
  • Storage Bag: Spring end fitting with direct attached storage bag*Great for storing extra E-Track accessories, work gloves, ect.
  • Decking & Shoring Beam: Spring end fittings with slide adjusting aluminum cross bar*Mounts side to side and used to keep cargo from sliding past that point


Among the many different E-Track accessories, you will find various strap lengths, strength ratings and other variations. Many different specifications are available.

Too many truckers rely on cotton rope, bungee cords and s-hook ratchet straps from the local big box store. The problem with these methods is that your load is not as secure as it needs to be. Furthermore, an improperly secured load can lead to damaged walls on your cargo box. These items may be helpful as a backup, but should be used on a daily basis.

Properly secured cargo will prevent damaging freight and possibly your cargo box. It may be the difference between a successful delivery and a costly trip back to the warehouse. The right tie down system saves your delivery company time, increase productivity and reduces liability. E-Track is the truck transportation industry standard and is key to getting the job accomplished.

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