Practical Tips for Maintaining Box Truck Roll-Up Doors

box truck roll-up doors

Unlike typical cargo vans, box trucks are fitted with roll-up doors that require proper maintenance to prevent them from getting corroded or misaligned prematurely. There are various ways to maintain roll-up doors in order to maximize their useful life.

Neglected roll-up doors could result in broken panels, hinges, rollers, or misaligned tracks which are not only maintenance problems but a security issue as well. This scenario should be avoided through proper maintenance of roll-up doors. Applying quality lubricant on the rollers, hinges, and tracks is one of the key maintenance steps that should be taken.

If your cargo box roll-up door is damaged due to collision or other causes, you should have it repaired at an expert box truck door repair shop, to ensure the door will function properly. These doors are your first line of defense against theft. Defective roll-up doors can also expose your staff to unnecessary safety risks.

To ensure that you are maintaining your box truck roll-up door correctly, you should refer to your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. The most important aspects of box truck roll up door maintenance include:

  • Cable replacement
  • Replacement of damaged panels
  • Greasing of rollers and hinges
  • Lubrication of guides and tracks
  • Inspecting cables / adjusting their tension when necessary
  • Periodic inspection of latches and locking mechanisms
  • Do NOT drive truck with the rear roll-up door in the “up” position

If you are still in the stage of looking for a box truck repair shop, you must be sure to find one that is experienced in the repair and maintenance of trucks, especially if the roll-up door of your truck(s) is spring loaded.

Roll-up doors are the most abused part of a box truck, and they are consistently exposed to wear and tear. But there are practical measures you can apply to prolong their useful life and avoid unwanted repair costs.

These maintenance tips can help to keep the mechanical components of roll-up doors operating smoothly.

1. Clean roll-up doors regularly.

Keep your roll-up door clean at all times especially its tracks and all of the mechanical components. Cleaning them at least once a week can help to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris on the door’s track.

2. Avoid using force when opening or closing roll-up doors.

A roll-up door that doesn’t open or close correctly is telling you that there’s a problem somewhere, and if you use force to open it, there’s a good chance you will aggravate the problem or cause permanent damage.

3. Keep rollers lubricated.

Keep your rollers lubricated with a quality lubricant, there are many available on the market. This will keep the rollers running smoothly along the tracks. You should however avoid applying too much lubricant as it can attract dust that can possibly cause a blockage along the tracks or cause the rollers to get stuck.

4. Have them checked if you suspect a problem.

If you notice that your roll-up door is behaving oddly, have it checked immediately by a competent box truck repair mechanic. They have the experience, skills and equipment to check and analyze your door. They can certainly tell if it needs repair work.

The roll-up door of your box truck keeps your merchandise intact and safe from theft and the elements. You must see to it that they work normally all the time to avoid security and safety issues, loss of merchandise, and unnecessary delays.

5. Make sure the door is “down” and the latch secured before driving anywhere.

The rear roll-up door is not designed to be left in the “up” position and driven this way. When the door is laying flat in the “up” position this causes the weight of the door panels to bow in the center and deform the panels; this stress causes the hinges to fail eventually as well. Also the hinges and rollers are damaged each time the trucks comes to a stop. The harder the stop or acceleration, the more damage that will occur.

6. Secure the load.

Loose cargo moving around breaks and destroys door panels.

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