November 10, 2022: Facts about 247th US Marine Corps Natal Day

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On November 10, the Marine Corps is honored with its birthday. The United States formed it on November 10th, 1921. Government to express gratitude to the US Marines. The Marine Corps has defended our nation since the founding of the United States, taking part in almost every American conflict.

As of 2017, the Corps had about 186,000 active duty personnel and 38,500 reserves, continuing its distinguished history as the country’s and its citizens’ guardians.


The USA acted on November 10th. Marine Corps Birthday reignites the link that binds generations of Marines and commemorates the history, principles, and memories of our fallen heroes. The day pays homage to the history of this illustrious military while respectfully honoring Marine Corps traditions.


The customs that accompany the birthday of the United States Marine Corps may initially come off as stiff and full of military theater, pomp, and occasion. However, this is the time when the marines have a ball and a cake-cutting ceremony, which is the most uniform type of fun.

Many birthday celebrations have included a variety of combat reenactments, pageants, musical performances, and even sporting events in addition to a grand ball and cake-cutting ceremony. However, the cake-cutting ceremony is the main event and is so ingrained in the Marine Corps culture that it is mentioned in the official manual.

The cake-cutting ceremony, which is conducted with the same respect for tradition and order as a 21-gun salute, was codified in the Drill Manual in 1956. According to custom, the oldest marine present receives the first slice of cake, which he then passes on to the youngest marine present, signifying a transmission of wisdom and tradition from oldest to youngest.

Following the customary reading of Marine Corps Order 47, which established the holiday as a legal holiday with a required celebration, there will be whatever kind of pageantry and celebration the occasion calls for.


Take a trip to the Marine Corps War Memorial.

The famous statue is a representation of six Marines hoisting the American flag on a mountaintop during the Battle of Iwo Jima and is situated halfway between Arlington, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Speak to a Marine

Reach out to any friends or family members who are or have been Marines to express your gratitude for the sacrifices they have made on behalf of their country.

Meet up with your former Corps members.

If you’ve been in the Marine Corps, attempt to plan a reunion with your fellow Marines so that you can catch up and recognize your service as a group.


Marines are always on your side.

The Marines live by the motto “Semper Fidelis,” which means “always faithful.” Marines are renowned for their unwavering allegiance to their country and their comrades in arms as well as their strong tenacity and unwavering commitment.

Even opponents have respect for the Marines.

One of the Marines’ many nicknames was actually created by the enemies they faced. The Germans called the Marines “Teufelhunden,” or Devil Dogs because their biggest fear was coming up against them during World War I. The moniker has lasted ever since.

Sword is used to cutting the cake.

The first three pieces of a celebratory cake are always given to the annual guest of honor, followed by the oldest and youngest marines present, and are cut with a sword that dates back to 1805 during the official Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

In Conclusion

In 1921, the birthday received formal recognition. The Marine Corps History Division’s Major Edwin North McClellan proposed that the anniversary be held on November 10 in a proposal to the ranking commander. In the 1950s, there would be a series of standardizations made to the way the Marine Corps Birthday was celebrated. Marines have since been urged to give the anniversary more consideration.