Medium Duty Commercial Vehicles: Summer Tips

By July 28, 2022Truck Blog
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High temperatures affect everyone as summer draws near, including your truck. It becomes crucial to give your vehicle a little extra attention so that the heat doesn’t interfere with your lines of transportation. 

Regular maintenance in the summer months is essential to preventing any accidents on the road because extreme heat may seriously harm your truck. In addition, it saves you from having to pay high maintenance fees that could result from serious heat-related damage.

We’ve provided some guidance that will make it easy for your box truck to get through the summer.

Tires: In the summer, you should keep an eye on your tires because they may rupture due to the intense heat. Check your tires for cracks because it can be very dangerous to drive with them in the road if you ignore this fact.

As low tire pressure in hot weather can result in a blowout, check that your tires are inflated to the recommended level.

Brakes: The brakes are among the most crucial components to maintain. Extreme temperatures have a direct impact on brake pads, which lowers their efficacy and efficiency.

Air brake systems are a standard feature on trucks, and they need to be checked often. A brake failure could result from even a small air leak in this system. Pay attention to any squeaky sounds because you cannot drive your truck when there is a potential that your brakes could fail.

Additionally, maintain monitoring of your air reservoirs since sometimes condensed water might build up in the air lines, causing the air brake system to malfunction.

Batteries – Because high temperatures can cause battery deterioration, the summer months are very difficult on your truck’s batteries. In addition to rusting, the interior fluids frequently evaporate during the heat.

By taking basic precautions, such as parking your truck beneath a tree and avoiding parking where sunlight would directly hit the engine, you may stop the batteries from draining. Additionally, make sure all of the devices are off before you leave your truck. Batteries are frequently discharged as a result of electronics.

Oil– Changing the oil at regular intervals is a crucial component of routine truck maintenance. Due to the pace at which oil thermally breaks down at high temperatures, oil efficiency tends to decline in the summer. Regular oil and filter changes will aid in preventing breakdowns.

Additionally, it is even more crucial for you to keep an eye on the oil if your truck tows heavy loads over dusty roads because extended periods of time in dusty conditions can contaminate the oil with dirt particles.

Air-conditioning- Your truck’s air conditioning is essential for surviving the summer heat and is important for both your health and that of your trucks. Check the refrigerant if you observe any changes in the flow of cold air into your cab. 

A system leak may be the source of low refrigerant levels. It is best to have a professional inspect any issues with modern air conditioning systems because they are rather complex and crucial to your comfort.


There is no better time to make sure that your truck dealer in Oklahoma City is operating efficiently than now, while summer is in full swing. Long distances and the intense heat can be taxing on your box truck dealer.

Before you hit the road, make sure you take these precautions to prevent serious damage to your medium duty truck. Cracked hoses, leaky radiators, underinflated tires, and dirty filters can significantly reduce your fuel efficiency or worse, lead to a roadside breakdown, endangering you and your load.

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