Medium Duty Commercial Truck Warranties 

By October 20, 2022Truck Blog
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Whether you’re thinking of buying a brand new or a pre-owned delivery truck or work van for sale, it’s highly recommended to secure the warranty for the vehicle to protect your business from costly repairs and maintenance.

Types of Truck Warranties

When you’re looking for a work van or a delivery truck for sale, there are generally two types of warranty you can opt for depending on whether you’re buying a brand-new unit or a pre-owned one.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty or simply referred to as the manufacturer’s warranty or factory warranty is offered by the brand and is recognized by the service centers authorized by that brand. It’s essentially the manufacturer’s guarantee to replace or repair damages due to defective workmanship or materials.

A vehicle manufacturer’s warranty is generally valid for two years or 250,000 miles driven to cover a majority of truck repairs. Most often, the manufacturer and the authorized service centers will have to ensure that your truck was properly maintained in order to perform the repairs or rectify mechanical defects in accordance with the agreement in warranty.

Aftermarket Warranty

The aftermarket truck warranty also referred to as the extended warranty, is technically a vehicle service contract. Its coverage generally works like the manufacturer’s warranty i.e. handles the labor, components, and other expenses of the repair and/or services. Having this warranty is important especially for commercial operators because it helps minimize your out-of-pocket expenses should the truck require repair and servicing after the original factory warranty expires.

The aftermarket warranty is called such because you can add this warranty at any time after acquiring the new work van or delivery truck for sale. For example, once you complete the purchase of a medium-duty commercial truck and it has rolled out of the dealership, the vehicle is technically “off the market.” By then, you can opt to purchase an aftermarket warranty for it.

Buying a New Commercial Vehicle

If the delivery truck or work van for sale is being purchased directly from the manufacturer or authorized dealership, the vehicle comes with the standard factory warranty. You will also be offered an optional extended warranty, which typically activates after the OEM warranty expires to continue having valid coverage. Some extended warranties also overlap with the OEM warranty while providing additional services that the truck owners are qualified to have.

For example, the base vehicle warranty of Hino trucks is valid for 24 months with unlimited mileage. The manufacturer also offers an extended warranty covering additional services on specific engine parts for up to either five or seven years.

There are some debates about whether or not it’s worth purchasing the extended auto warranty. If you’re using your truck for commercial purposes, however, having the aftermarket warranty is like having insurance for your business. In essence, you can opt to purchase the extended warranty if:

  • Do you feel the standard OEM warranty is too restrictive; or

  • You think you’ll quickly use up the miles covered under a limited OEM warranty.

Buying Pre-Owned Commercial Trucks and Vans

In general, buyers of used vans and trucks can only opt for aftermarket warranties because the standard manufacturer warranty isn’t offered to them. This means that when you’re buying pre-owned medium-duty commercial trucks, you run the risk of facing high out-of-pocket expenses on repairs and maintenance if you won’t also get an aftermarket warranty with the purchase. That’s obviously not ideal for the bottom line of your business.

You can obtain used truck aftermarket warranties from third-party companies, which provide the following advantages:

  • The opportunity to choose who’ll work on your commercial vehicle e.g. brand-authorized service centers, your favorite mechanic, or a service center chain with national operations;

  • Highly customizable coverage options; and

  • Option to buy the warranty at any time.

Procure Used Commercial Vehicles from Reliable Dealers

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