Maintenance Best Practices for Modern-Day Medium-Duty Trucks

By December 8, 2022Blog
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Any businessperson knows that the cost of procuring a delivery truck or work van for sale doesn’t simply end after purchasing the vehicle. As you utilize your medium-duty truck for your business, you’ll naturally incur expenses related to repairs and tow charges, among other things. Fortunately, these expenses can be greatly reduced with proper vehicle maintenance. But what maintenance practices are considered proper?

Below are some of the best practices for medium-duty truck maintenance that suit modern times.

Plotting preventive maintenance schedule based on engine hours

The rationale behind scheduling preventative maintenance (PM) based on the engine hours is that some truck engines work harder than others even if the trips are shorter.  The following are some sample scenarios where the truck engine may require a more frequent fluid change interval than normal:

  • Delivery trucks in a local area with several starts and stops;

  • Trucks that require constant idling time as part of their core operation; and

  • Trucks that use a power take-off (PTO) to engage mechanical devices.

This method is often better than the traditional way of scheduling PM based on calendar days or mileage, but this will depend on how the truck is used. For example, if you’re thinking of buying a delivery truck for sale to make long trips across rural areas, scheduling PM based on mileage may be a better option.

Planning for maintenance routines that match truck operations

While a typical PM routine involves basic checks that apply to all trucks, you should also include checks and rectifications to specific truck components that are often utilized or affected during normal operations.

For example, trucks engaged in constant stop-and-go driving may require frequent brake replacements. Also, if you’re procuring a work van for sale to make deliveries across rural and/or forested areas, your radiators and A/C condensers will be pulling in dust, leaves, and other debris. Thus, your PM should include inspections of these affected components.

For a more comprehensive PM program that best suits your trucking operations, make sure to also match the maintenance routines to the OEM’s guidelines.


Extending time between maintenance visits

Whether for oil changes, transmission service, or whatever type of maintenance required, the industry has seen vehicle maintenance intervals significantly extended in the past 10 years. This is thanks to technology improvements in the auto industry that have produced better and more reliable truck components.

Extending maintenance intervals provide many benefits to truck operators and fleet owners, including the following:

  • Greater cost savings due to lower expenses on supplies/components and labor

  • Maximized uptime for work trucks due to lesser trips to the shop

Take note though that if not planned properly, extending maintenance intervals can result in detrimental effects including unexpected repairs, frequent downtime, and engine problems. And thus, it is best to engage with your work van or delivery truck for sale dealer and OE/Component representatives to create the perfect maintenance intervals suitable to the way you’ll use the vehicle.

Opting for synthetic lubricants

Synthetic lubricants have the ability to maintain their viscosity, making them ideal for trucks driven over long periods and/or in extremely hot or cold environments. They’re also one of the modern-day products that have allowed vehicle owners to extend maintenance intervals without detrimental effects. However, they may not be suitable for some trucks. They are also more expensive than conventional oil, and thus, you might have to assess your options based on the application of your trucks.

Choose the right truck!

Whether you’re looking for new or pre-owned vehicles, having the right delivery truck, work van or any medium-duty truck is a major part of creating the most viable maintenance program for your fleet. Make sure to procure your commercial vehicles from a dependable truck dealer.

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