Lawn Care Box Truck A Good Choice

By January 31, 2017Truck Blog
lawn care box truck

The box truck has long been the “go-to” truck for many industries to deliver and pick up goods of service, as a lawn care business is it right for you?


The box truck A.K.A. (Parcel Van or Cube Van as it is sometimes called) has enjoyed great success over the years mainly due to its versatility to be custom fitted to a variety of industry specific needs. On the one hand, a business owner may just need a simple cargo box with no accessories to move items that can be stacked in a fashion that the cargo box is full from roof to floor maximizing available space. On the other hand, a business owner may prioritize that security of the enclosed goods is paramount. Let’s take a look and see how a box truck may benefit your lawn care business.


The cargo box may be made from aluminum, fiberglass, or a wood composite material depending on the box manufacturer specifications. The cargo box offers security to enclose and protect the valuable and expensive equipment used to professionally run a lawn care business. The enclosed box can be a theft deterrent as the enclosed equipment is not in direct view to anyone looking for an “easy grab” of equipment to sell unlawfully. The picture below shows just a couple of items stored in a cargo box out of the sight of prying eyes.

Weather & Wildlife Protection:
Expensive lawn care equipment may be assembled with different grades of metal fasteners that if not cared for in a reasonable manner can develop rust and corrosion and therefore make disassembly difficult when in the field and a quick repair is required. Rust and corrosion cause parts to seize up and creating an inconvenience a lawn care professional on the go. For the lawn care professional that would like to protect equipment from the elements during overnight storage or a longer period of time; the cargo box truck is a really good investment versus leaving equipment vulnerable to whatever Mother Nature brings during the day or night. You can just secure your equipment for travel with the appropriate accessories and park it until it is time to head out on the road again for the next day’s work.

It should also be noted that with the enclosed cargo box in good condition the problem of having wildlife such as (rats, squirrels, birds) will be less likely to make nests in crevices of equipment or chew the wiring harnesses of equipment resulting in lost productivity and repair downtime. You can have shelving to store items without the worries of birds dropping a “gift” on those items or them being carried off by a numerous variety of vermin. The same cannot be said of equipment left out in the open on a flatbed trailer.

Fluid Storage:
The box truck also offers its owner the ability to keep valuable fluids (with appropriate fresh air venting) such as synthetic motor oils, rust penetrating sprays, gasoline (in approved storage canisters), 2-stroke synthetic oils, and many other various solutions used on or in the equipment in a secure storage area. When the average synthetic motor oil may costs upwards of $10 a quart; it is important to know where that expensive inventory is located. The box truck can be configured in ways to meet the needs of the lawn care professional (see pictures below).


In summary,
These are just a few of the benefits that a “Box Truck” can provide to the professional lawn care business owner. The box truck would be a good addition to any lawn care truck fleet. The box truck may not be the most aerodynamic vehicle on the road but they give the owner an ability to move lots of equipment in a safe, enclosed cargo box providing protection from the elements and providing storage security (when properly locked up).

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