Lawn Care Box Truck Accessories

By December 28, 2016Truck Blog

What are some accessories that can be installed in a lawn care box truck to make my job more efficient?

This question should be near the top of the list for lawn care business owners as they try to compete in their respective community.

Here are just a few accessories that a lawn care business owner might find appropriate for their truck(s).

  • Gas can rack- this item can help keep unwanted fuel spills from occurring while driving down the road and keep fuel where it should be ( in a proper container rather than all over your expensive equipment). You pay good money for fuel, why not make sure it stays in the container and not get spilled.
  • Jump seat- this is an inexpensive way to get a 3rd technician in a truck originally outfitted with only two seats in the cab. The jump seat typically has a hinged joint allowing the seat to be folded up when not in use. Not every job will require that 3rd technician but if the need arises; the business owner can send out one truck instead of two to get the job done.
  • Shovel Rack- this rack can take place of the 50 gallon trashcan that so many times is used to store loose items in the back of a lawn care truck. This rack will make efficient use of wall space and help keep track of individual shovels so they are accounted for and not left on the job.
  • Hedge Trimmer Rack- this rack will allow a hedge trimmer to be located off the floor in the cargo area and keep it from suffering any kind of damage while driving down the road, it can be safer than just throwing the trimmer on a shelf and hoping it doesn’t fall from the shelf and damage the trimmer or other equipment.
  • Weed eater string rack- this is a real time saver, having a spool of line mounted to the wall for ease of access can minimize downtime by looking for weed eater line that nobody remembers specifically where they left it last.
  • Weed trimmer rack(s) – This will cradle your expensive weed trimmer(s) on the wall making sure: 1) it doesn’t get left at the jobsite. 2) it doesn’t get damaged if other equipment in the cargo area moves during the drive to the next job.
  • Leaf blower rack- the leaf blower rack is another way to keep a piece of smaller equipment in the cargo area of the truck from being damaged during transport.

In summary, there are many items that can be purchased to organize the cargo area of a lawn care box truck. The specific items that may be appropriate for your truck is up to you, but with so many manufacturers fabricating accessories for the lawn care box truck, why not take the time to see what is available.

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