Buying Landscape Trucks

By June 3, 2016Truck Blog

Do you have a landscaping business and are looking at buying landscape trucks or trailers? Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect truck for your business.

When buying a landscape truck, it is important to consider the benefits that come with it. Although trailers are popular among landscapers, they don’t protect equipment from theft or the elements. By switching from a trailer to a truck, landscapers protect their equipment without losing any of the convenience of a trailer.

Customize landscape trucks to fit the landscaper’s individual needs. There is a wide selection of ramps, safety features, and custom storage, lighting and tie downs. For example, a custom Dovetail ramp provides easy access to mowers and other equipment. It has 2 sides, allowing you to lower just one with easy 1 hand operation, saving you time and money. Add safety features such as ventilation systems to help gas fumes escape from the back of truck. Add custom lights, shelves, racks, and other cargo organizers as well.

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Some of the top landscaping companies in America have proven that purchasing a landscape truck instead of a trailer increases productivity by 5-10%. Once the job is done, just pack up and go without dealing with the hassle of a trailer!

Landscape Trucks – Buying Tips

Is it time to invest in a mid-sized truck for your landscaping business? Here are a few tips to consider when making a purchasing decision.

  1. Speak with a dealer to find the best truck to fit the specific needs of the company
    • Determine the space and weight needed to avoid unnecessary expense
    • Climate control is also available
  2. Determine a budget
    • Most dealers have all-inclusive deals
    • Financing options are available
  3. Expect to pay tag, title and taxes
    • It is standard to receive a 30 day temporary tag upon purchase
  4. Ask about a warranty options
    • There are various manufacturer and dealer warranties available

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