It’s Alarming! Theft Of Catalytic Converters

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Truck dealer Oklahoma city Truck-N-Trailer strives to keep you, our valued customers, informed on a wide range of work trucks. While other weeks we get to provide noteworthy updates, this week we’re here to talk about a more serious issue that drivers face: catalytic converter theft.

This article will cover all you need to know about the problem and what you can do to protect yourself.

Why do people steal catalytic converters?

This costly exhaust system component includes valuable metals, and criminals are after it now more than ever.

Your catalytic converter is an important component of your car that helps to minimize pollutants and hazardous gases produced by your emissions system. Platinum, rhodium, and palladium are used to finish the procedure. Catalytic converters have been stolen from automobiles and sold as scrap metal. The tree metals mentioned above have a cost of thousand of dollars per ounce and is an enticement to thieves to steal and sell the catalytic converter for several hundred dollars each. It is a quick and easy theft, requiring a  minimum investment of tools. Most converters can be cut and removed in a matter of 2 or 3 minutes, without the need of any lighting.

While this has been going on for years, the increase in catalytic converter theft increased significantly proximately 14 months ago due to the increase in the cost of the three expensive minerals.

Furthermore, lower foot traffic may make it simpler for thieves who believe they are less likely to get detected. A thief can steal the catalytic converter from your gasoline powered vehicle in seconds, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Replacement cost range from $1200 to $5000 per vehicle. Daytime thefts are common in broad daylight in mall parking lots, office parking lots, etc.

Theft of catalytic converters have been on the rise for over a year. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), theft of this expensive item increased approximately 1000 percent countrywide.

What vehicles are at risk of catalytic converter theft?

Catalytic converter theft is most common in Toyota Prius vehicles. Prius converters include higher levels of the precious metals platinum, rhodium, and palladium as a low-emissions car.

Unscrupulous scrap yards might pay as much as $700 per converter to thieves. Unfortunately, this can result in expenses of up to $2,000 for Prius owners.

Since they are lifted off the ground, trucks and SUVs are also typical targets for catalytic converter theft. This makes climbing beneath and sawing through the metal much easier. Every car on the road, however, is vulnerable to a stolen catalytic converter.

How can you ensure security of catalytic converters?

If you’re worried about being ripped off right now, the NICB says there are several things you can do to secure your vehicle.

Safe parking for Delivery Vans and Trucks

If possible, park overnight in a secured, fenced, well-lit, enclosed lot.

Here are some parking pointers to remember:

  • Parking in well-lit places: Parking beneath street lights or in well-lit areas might help discourage theft;
  • Highly populated areas: It will be difficult for someone to take your catalytic converter without being seen if you are in a crowded parking lot or garage.
  • Keep an eye out for security cameras in your parking lot and attempt to select a location where the cameras can see you.

Anti-theft accessories

Anti-theft devices for catalytic converters are available from a variety of manufacturers and range from steel plates that protect the vehicle’s underside to steel cable cages that are designed to deter thieves from stealing a converter by making removal more time-consuming, increasing the thief’s risk of being caught.

Alarms, both whole car systems and converter-specific alarms, can also be useful deterrents. Consult a reputable technician to determine what your vehicle needs. Anti-theft devices are much less costly than a new catalytic converter. Even though they are not a guaranteed anti-theft device, they do greatly increase the amount of time required to remove the protection device and converter. Extended time is the greatest enemy to the thief. If it takes over two minutes they will move on to another location. The extended time to remove is also one of the vehicle owner’s greatest theft preventions. It is common for thieves to remove 20 to 30 catalytic converters from delivery fleets yard in one night. If they find a location with no security, no protection devices, they will come back time after time. They have found your location to be an easy and repeat source.

However, the greatest choice in this alarming situation is installed prevention devices, well it, fenced and manned security.

If your catalytic converter has been taken, report it immediately to the police. They will take your report for your insurance claim, but there will be no investigation due to the extremely high volume of thefts they are dealing with.  You may also talk to a box truck dealership near me like Truck-N-Trailer about your theft prevention device and repair / replacement choices.