Is The Amazon Delivery Business Right For You?

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If you’re looking for a new business venture and want to put up a delivery truck with cheap startup costs, then you may want to consider becoming an Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP).

To fuel your enthusiasm for assembling outstanding teams, you may benefit from minimal beginning costs, inherent demand, and access to Amazon’s technology and logistics expertise.

Delivery Service Partner Program: What is it?

Amazon gives proactive leaders the chance to take the reins as an owner-operator and expand a lucrative package delivery company. One of the sectors with the fastest growth rates in the world is one that you may join by joining a community of DSPs.

There are numerous benefits to joining this program, and with the high need for safe, quick home delivery right now, there has never been a better moment to enter the logistics industry.

What you receive as a Delivery Service Partner is:

  1. Small company, huge influence

The curriculum does not require prior logistics experience to enroll. In order to assist Delivery Service Partners in starting and operating their delivery service and having a beneficial influence on their local community, Amazon makes its technology, procedures, and years of logistical knowledge available to them.

  1. The capacity to lead by example

Your company will continue to expand thanks to Amazon’s shipments, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your employees rather than increasing sales.

  1. Assistance from Amazon

To assist its Delivery Service Partners, Amazon is available. The business is committed to helping you make sure your operation works smoothly, including everything from on-the-job training to on-demand support.

  1. The potential to bring smiles

Amazon, which is renowned for its customer-centric philosophy, offers its DSPs the chance to daily please thousands of customers especially when they are looking for a work van that they need immediately.

What are the duties of delivery service partners?

A delivery service partner brings items and necessary supplies to their neighborhood. Thousands of parcels will be delivered to Amazon consumers in your area by a team of delivery associates that you, as the owner-operator, would be responsible for hiring, training, growing, and retaining.

Following the approval of your application, follow these steps to start a successful delivery business:

Set up your company

Through its network of best-in-class service providers, Amazon offers an exclusive range of deals to help you buy the assets you need to launch your business, including savings on hiring tools, payroll, tax, and accounting software, legal services, and insurance alternatives.

 Assemble a team

In order to ensure the continued success of your organization, you will need to hire and keep a strong workforce as a DSP. To drive 20 to 40 vehicles each day, you’ll hire 40 to 100 high-performing, safety-conscious delivery associates.

Create a culture for your team

The “can-do” mindset that characterizes Amazon’s high standards and customer-focused culture is shared by leaders who seize this opportunity. You’ll inspire your staff to go above and beyond on every delivery through coaching and growth.

Produce results

Provide excellent customer service to increase hiring prospects, increase package deliveries, and maintain the success of your company especially if you are in a delivery truck service.

How to aid Amazon’s DSPs?

What to anticipate from Amazon when you sign up as a Delivery Service Partner is as follows:

Equipment and tools for successful startups

Offer discounts on vans with the Amazon logo, complete insurance, rugged handheld devices, and other services to help you launch your delivery business.

extensive training for two weeks. Business management training is conducted virtually during the first week, while training for station operations is conducted virtually and in person during the second week.

An extensive toolbox

In addition to daily procedures that are geared toward success, Amazon gives their DSPs all the equipment and technology they require to operate their businesses.

On-demand assistance

Amazon offers owners ongoing assistance. This includes a thorough operating handbook, support from a Delivery Associate for problems on the road, and an assigned account manager.


Amazon is providing a great chance for diverse entrepreneurs and their families to launch their own businesses through its Delivery Service Partner program that serves as a great platform for different entrepreneurs. 

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