HVAC Truck Configuration for your HVAC Business

By December 6, 2016Truck Blog
HVAC Truck

The Best Truck Configuration for your HVAC Business

Make the right decision when buying your next HVAC service truck.  Here a few things to consider.

How to make the right decision for your business requires some careful planning.

There is common agreement among HVAC service techs and contractors.  Having the right HVAC service truck configuration is critical.  In the HVAC business it’s all about organization.  At the top of the frustration list for a service tech or contractor is not being able to find what you need.  Just because you saw that tool or part a few days ago doesn’t really help the present moment.

We are going to look at types of cargo vans used in the HVAC industry.  This is by no means a comprehensive discussion on the topic.  However, this is to serve as a starting point to get an idea on what will work best for you.

Your company performs unique service task apart from other companies even in the same industry.  Some companies focus on troubleshooting and residential service.  Conversely, other companies will focus on installing either for builders or flipping current units.  If you are in the business, you already understand that larger cargo capacity is necessary for certain jobs.  If you are mainly installing and hauling equipment, you will most likely require a cargo van.

To start, ask yourself some questions to get guided in the right direction:

  1. Will you be pulling a trailer for condensers, split units, package units, or other equipment?
  2. What type of work will you be performing: sheet metal work, general purpose heating and air conditioning, commercial, residential?
  3. What is the approximate payload when the van and trailer are fully loaded?
  4. How will you load or unload the truck?
  5. What will you need to carry on the exterior of the van, ladders, piping, and other hvac tools?
  6. What will be the maximum dimensions of potential cargo?
  7. What types of payload control will be required to properly secure tools, fasteners, and other various items.
  8. What types of bins, and shelving will be required to keep everything organized reducing frustration and having to locate items?

An additional specification to consider is load height.  This is an important specification and will determine the roof option that you choose.  The Sprinter truck is good for accommodating taller loads.  The Sprinter offers two roof styles, standard and raised.  Raised models offer approximately over 6 feet of floor to ceiling clearance.  This gives you the ability to walk around freely without having to bend your back, or stoop to navigate the cargo area.

Power train options is another area that needs to be thought out.  If you are considering a ½ half ton, is the V6 engine sufficient.  The V6 is available in the Chevrolet Express and the GMC Savana line of cargo vans.  The V8 is available on the Chevrolet and the Ford model.  The V6 will deliver better fuel economy over the V8.  According to the governments fuel economy website the Express van 4.3L V6 will give you about 2 mpg better mpg than the 5.3L V8.  Of course the V6 will give you lower towing capacity.  If pulling a trailer you may need to increase to a V8

Cargo management is a major part of the purchasing process as mentioned earlier.  Manufactures make available cargo packages specific to HVAC in addition to other trades.  Some options include metal shelving, cargo bulkheads, and ladder racks.  Professional cargo van accessories and equipment are extremely beneficial for HVAC Technicians and Contractors.  Keep your equipment and supplies off the floor and securely stored away.  This will allow you to work more efficiently saving time and money over time.

Have you thought about what to do with bulky ladders?  Ladder racks are the solution to this safety issue.  Ladder racks are installed on the roof.  They make it easier and safer to transport ladders of varying lengths.  In addition, they also increase space inside your work vehicle by utilizing the top of your vehicle to transport bulky ladders.  They are available in several configurations.  These include: drop down, grip lock, utility rack, and perimeter rack.  Instead cramming our ladder in the back of your cargo van with the rest of your gear, let a ladder rack do the job.  Struggling with a ladder waste time and energy.  Spend less time and frustration by using a ladder rack.

Some planning and preparation can prevent future frustration.  Use these simple but critical points when deciding on a HVAC service truck for your HVAC.  For  information or available cargo vans, contact Truck-n-Trailer for additional information.  Check out our related articles coming soon.

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