Hurricane Florence and the Demand for Commercial Trucks

By October 17, 2018Truck Blog, Trucks

With the September 14th Category I Hurricane Florence barely in our rearview mirror, the clean up process begins. Like so many hurricanes in recent US history, it’s a long tedious process to put each community back together. Literally, every application of commercial vehicles are in high demand as the affected East Coast rebuilds hard hit areas.

After emergency responders clear affected areas such as Wilmington, North Carolina, the first to move in are medium duty wreckers. Wheel lift wreckers, boom wreckers and flatbed rollback wreckers all take part in clearing out flooded vehicles. With so much damage, this is no small task for the vehicle recovery truck industry.

Soon after, debris disposal crews arrive in with trucks to participate in the cleanup process. This segment consists of vehicles ranging from city refuge fleets to Class III & IV medium duty trucks outfitted with dump bodies. No matter the size or payload, each class within the work truck family participates in this task.

As families and businesses are displaced by storm damage, commercial moving companies play an important role in relocating affected communities. From Chevrolet 3500 commercial cutaway pack vans to straight trucks like HINO 268 and Freightliner M2, the medium duty truck marketing delivers when it’s called upon. No job is too big or too small when you call upon the non-CDL truck transport industry.

In order to get each affected home and business re-established, Fire & Water Damage Restoration companies are also immediately on site. Depending upon the impact of damage, these companies often come from all over the US to aid in clean up. With truck fleets ranging from half ton cargo vans to straight trucks outfitted with 24 ft cargo boxes, restoration companies tackle the job with water extraction vacuums and commercial fans to dry up the moisture. The storm damage restoration industry also plays a huge role in moving and storing personal effects in pods and shipping containers until the re-establishment process begins.

Quickly getting residents back into their homes and businesses, general contractor are able to provide the finishing touch. Electrical contractors with parcel vans and KUV Knapheide equipped work trucks make each establishment safe. Plumbing contractors arrive in their Ford Transit fleet vans to insure the pipes operate properly. Roofing companies are on location with debris dump bodies and flatbeds to make sure each home is water tight. The list goes on. The general contractor industry makes up the largest group of commercial fleet vehicles in this massive cleanup process.

Hurricane Florence’s catastrophic damage began with the initial landfall on September 14th, 2018 and continued with flooding days and weeks later all across the Carolinas. With the economic impact estimated at upwards of $22 billion US dollars, the medium duty commercial truck industry has some hard work ahead. For immediate access to both new and used trucks to tackle this disaster, view the extensive online inventory.

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