How the Trucking Industry is Facing the Challenges During the Pandemic

By September 21, 2021Truck Blog


The trucking industry is being faced with a lot of challenges during the pandemic. Since many physical stores have closed, many people turned to home deliveries during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and relied on them to get their basic needs. The trucking industry is vital during any crisis because it helps get all kinds of goods to the people who need them. This is why many businesses need to adapt so they look for new delivery trucks or used delivery vans to cater to more consumers. In the U.S, 41 million used vehicles are sold annually, and the pandemic has triggered its popularity. Finding a truck dealer Oklahoma City is a good way to get the right trucks during these trying times.

However, this is posing a lot of challenges for truckers because an increase in demand means a new call for solutions to their challenges. Here’s how the trucking industry is facing the impact of increased delivery during the pandemic.

GPS Tracking

For decades, GPS tracking has been available, but until recently, clients had to call in to find out where their goods were. Customers have grown more accustomed to receiving exact information and location on-demand as a result of the pandemic. Trucking businesses use route management to improve efficiency since real-time routes may be calculated and drivers can be notified in real-time of any changes. This is a simple method for making sure that drivers who need more hours are assigned to routes where there might be a shortage of drivers.

Fleet management

Due to the increase in demand, there is also an increase in fleet management to ensure that vehicle maintenance, fuel consumption, fuel costs, and route planning are all done efficiently.  For those businesses that have their fleet, they must be sure to inspect all vehicles frequently and make sure that they are in good working order.  For instance, if you are a food business that has just bought used delivery vans, you will want to consider upfitting your fleet to provide the same level of efficiency and to ensure they are worth your investment.

Improved communication and route optimization

With the increasing demand for home deliveries, transportation and logistics companies needed to adopt new technology that improves communication with their fleet. Most companies are using a web-based system that provides real-time mapping and tracking. This was also an opportunity to implement route optimization software that allows for more efficient routing and improved fuel economy, which helps the driver and the consumer. The driver gets to save money and reduce driving time while saving fuel costs for their client.

The bottom line

The increase in home delivery needs has definitely made a huge impact in the trucking industry. For many truck drivers and business owners, overcoming the challenges during the pandemic can be done through innovation and new technologies. If your business needs a truck or van, then visit a reliable truck dealer Oklahoma City who can help find the perfect vehicle for you.