How to Buy a Used Commercial Truck – What to Expect

Is it time to buy a used commercial truck for your business? Whether you’re a florist, a plumber, a lawn care specialist, or an electrician, hauling your product and supplies with ease and safety is an important part of doing business. Finding good, reliable and well-suited and then getting ready to buy a used commercial truck is an affordable solution for a vital part of running a business.

According to NADA’s October 2014 Commercial Buyers Guide, there is increased interest in older, higher mileage trucks with over 800,000 miles. They also noted that there is an increase in the number of used commercial trucks on the market.

Consider the option to buy a used commercial truck. Compared to a new truck, prices are significantly lower. But where do you start? And what can you expect?

The first step is deciding what you need. The type of truck that will be most suited to the needs of a business can depend on a range of factors. Some businesses find that a standard cutaway box truck is the perfect vehicle for their needs.  They are practical, robust and versatile. This makes them the ideal choice for many different types of businesses. Once a business has discovered a need for a commercial truck, these buyer guide tips will help in finding the perfect truck to assist owners in growing their business.

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  • Will the business be transporting equipment or product? If so, how much space is needed to for hauling these goods?
  • How heavy is the load that will be hauled?  Think about products do deliver, tools, equipment, job material, etc when estimating weight.
  • Will security be an issue? Many lawn care specialists have found out the hard way how easy it is to lose equipment off the back of a truck.
  • Is climate control a must? Art dealers and those transporting perishable goods often need temperature and humidity control. It may not be needed every time, but is it likely that down the road it may become a necessary.
  • What is budget for buying the commercial truck? If on a limited budget, there are many reliable used mid-sized trucks to choose from.

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Jeff Morgan, of Truck-N-Trailer in Moore Oklahoma, says “Most dealers will give used commercial truck buyers an all inclusive deal, meaning little to no additional fees, if you pay in cash. But cashier’s
check, bank draft, and sometimes even a company check is acceptable.”

When securing financing, there is always more than one option. Keep in mind that commercial vehicle financing is not quite as quick as purchasing a personal vehicle. There are a couple of options, financing through a business’ own bank or through the dealership. Bringing financing to the table is sometimes quickest option for immediate delivery of the new vehicle. Many commercial truck dealers, just like car dealers, offer financing. Check dealer websites. These days business can often apply online and see if they will approved before stepping on the lot. The important thing to remember is there are options so the first offer may not be the right one to use.

Buy a Used Commercial Truck : Financing

Expect document fees to be handled separately. If you live out of state, the business will need to handle their own tag, title, and taxes for the state they are registering the truck in. Make sure to confirm that that there is a 30 day temporary tag to use while the paperwork is being processed. The title should come in the mail in about two weeks.

Always ask about a warranty. Don’t assume there is one. Every dealer is different. Sometimes a dealer will offer their own protection plan rather than a typical warranty. This is ok, just make sure to know what is included have and what is covered.