Helping The President Move

By January 9, 2017Truck Blog
president move

According to multiple news sources, moving vans have started to arrive at the White House to help the President move. That got me thinking: As a commercial box truck insider, what advice could I lend the outgoing president to help ensure that his departure is logistically pleasing? I can’t speak for any of the DC based moving companies (I don’t live there). But just maybe I can be of assistance by suggesting what truck and equipment to look for while the President is arranging his big move.


The POTUS is going to need some good sized trucks to haul his goods away from Pennsylvania Avenue. For this task, may I suggest he use a HINO 268? The Hino is my top pick as the most reliable selection. Although Obama may not want to be seen with a Japanese moving van, remember that it is manufactured in West Virginia.


The GMC C7500 would be another good choice to make the move. Just make sure that truck is powered by ISUZU’s 7.8L Duramax and not the C7 Caterpillar. One engine will get you to your destination and one engine likely will not.


Internationals’ 4300 is always a popular choice when moving. With more trucks on the road than any other medium duty manufacture, IHC is a household name. If you haven’t noticed the IHC 4300 in the picture (above), this is the preferred moving van for Moving Masters, Inc.
Renting a box truck and moving yourself is always an option. Penske for example, has always been a dependable company offering newer model trucks. Renting from Budget is another great idea. Budget Truck Rental provides quality trucks at some of the lowest prices available. Enterprise Truck Rental is also a top notch provider that specializes in quality customer service that would be required by such high profile clients.


Word on the street is that the Obama’s are only moving just across town. As small as the Washington D.C. metro is, a gas powered verses diesel powered freight truck probably doesn’t make a difference. However, the outgoing Commander-in-Chief might want consider the following for the sake of image: Unleaded moving trucks seems like a traditional choice. However, at an estimated 4 MPG on a straight truck, a decent amount of environmental pollution will be taking place. In comparison, a diesel box truck may be the way to go. But to be as green as possible, he’ll want to make sure to get something 2010 year model or newer for emissions compliance.

A few other things you might want on your move is equipment such as lift gates and loading ramps for moving large items such as dressers and gun safes. A few good hand trucks or moving dollies will speed up the process and help ensure those heavy items do not get dropped. Weather you use D-rings or E-Track inside your cargo box, make sure at least one or the other is present. This will keep your belongings from getting damaged during the short drive. Furniture pads are a must as well. Anything that is susceptible to being scratched needs to be wrapped in moving blankets. And amidst all the chaos of moving, be careful not to carry out any state owned belongings like previous administrations.


Finally, a little advice regarding the personnel you hire. Keep in mind that your movers are blue collar every day guys. Don’t talk to them about health care because that’s still a bit of a sensitive subject. Also, as much as you might want to hire your beloved Dreamers or refugees, remember that the moving company working for you cannot employee anyone without proper documentation. Oh yeah, and even though its considered un-American to require a state ID to vote, your movers will still need a valid driver’s license and medical card to transport your belongings (you might look into changing that before the 20th).


With whatever equipment you use, we hope you have a successful move. Once your done unpacking, go ahead and take another vacation – you’ve earned it. We’ll help hold the fort down on Pennsylvania Ave and start making America great again.

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