Healthcare Law Will Affect Truck Businesses

The signing of the United States’ Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in March of 2010 means big changes for trucking companies beginning in 2014.

The law says that employers with over 50 full-time employees will need to provide insurance for their employees beginning in 2014. The formula defines a full-time employee as anyone working more than 30 hours a week. Part-time employees are categorized as anyone working less than that, and are included in a staff total on a sliding scale.

To calculate how many part-time employees a trucking company has, take the number of part-time hours it assigns in a month and divide that by 120. That number plus the number of full-time (30-plus hours) employees equals the total number of employees for ACA regulations.

How an employee is counted once they enter employment in a trucking company or dealership can and will impact costs depending on hours scheduled and when they are added.

It’s a good idea to reach out to an expert in the ACA law to determine how this will affect your company.


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