Four Steps To Disinfect Your Cargo Van

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The World Health Organization states that the coronavirus is spread through droplets from the mouth or nose during a cough or sneeze. These droplets could land on any object or surfaces around an infected person, and when someone else touches the contaminated object or surface, that person can potentially be infected.

Vehicles used for business, whether new or used ones purchased from your box truck dealer or cargo van dealers, need to be cleaned and sanitized–especially the interior from time to time.

Cargo van interiors have different kinds of surfaces, including rubber, plastic, leather, or metal, and these surfaces can be contaminated at anytime as different people come into contact with your vehicle in a typical workday.

Usually used by a variety of businesses for carrying tools, equipment, goods, and even personnel, cargo vans or any vehicle for that matter are highly prone to contamination, especially when studies have shown that coronavirus can survive on surfaces for up to nine days.

That being said, there is a way to properly disinfect and kill the virus on any external surface.  Below are four steps to properly sanitize your cargo van:

Prepare Your Tools

Make sure to use disposable gloves when cleaning. You can also use any EPA-registered household disinfectant as long as it is safe to be used on vehicle surfaces. Also, be sure to keep disinfectant wipes in your vehicle at all times for a quick wipe.  Other things you will need are upholstery cleaner, air freshener, and vacuum cleaner.

Start With The Exterior

Though the outside of your cargo van is less susceptible to contamination because of its constant exposure to sunlight, it still advisable to at least have it washed and door handles sanitized.

Clear The Clutter

The next thing to do is to get rid of everything that’s not necessary inside your van.  It is best to keep a small trash can so that you can just keep switching trash bags instead of having to dig around for wrappers, old receipts, and other common vehicle trash. After clearing the unnecessary clutter, remove the floor mats for washing, and then vacuum your van floor.

Wipe Down High Touch Surfaces

High touch surfaces are areas in your cargo van that you come into contact with the most. The obvious places are door handles, steering wheel, door buttons, gear shifters, seatbelts, and touch screens or GPS if your truck or van has one.

Aside from these, make sure to clean the dashboard thoroughly as well.  Bacteria are collected in that particular spot when air is being circulated inside the vehicle. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends disinfecting high touch surfaces daily, so do this at the end of the day of your business operations.

Good hygiene and cleanliness is still the best way to fight COVID-19 coronavirus.  As delivery services grow in demand during this pandemic, the use of cargo vans becomes more prevalent, and in turn, more and more people come into contact with these vehicles.

More than ever, when considering buying vehicles for your business from a box truck dealer or cargo van dealers, it is crucial to set a schedule not just for vehicle maintenance but for cleaning and sanitizing as well. By following the steps above, you can surely prevent the spread of the virus as you conduct your day to day business operations with your cargo van.

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