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Food Trucks From Farm To Market

Used Food Delivery TruckThis the first of a series of articles regarding trucks used in the food industry. This first article will address the types of trucks used in the many stages of moving our nations food supply from the nations food processors to our table.

The Process of Food Delivery

The process starts when a large eighteen wheel tractor trailer rig moves the food products from the processing plant to large distribution centers. These distribution centers are strategically located in metropolitan areas and regional market areas all over the country, according to market demands.

From the distribution centers, smaller delivery trucks pickup product orders to be moved to other warehouses or directly to large grocery chain centers or retail stores.

The trucks used in these next stages of moving our food supply will vary from eighteen wheel, sleeper equipped trucks, or day cabs with varying size trailers. Day cabs and trailers return to the warehouse at the end of each day with the driver being home every night.

The next stage in the delivery chain is a mix of straight trucks (sometimes known as bobtails) ranging from 26 ft. van bodies, all the way down to 10 and 12 ft. van bodies. and various size step van delivery trucks.

Next Week: More on the straight truck and its users, including independent distributors, manufacturer owned and manufacturer contractors.

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