FedEx Buys 1,900 Lightweight Isuzu Reach Delivery Vans

By June 30, 2013Vans

The purchase of these composite-body vans gives FedEx Express the largest composite-body van fleet in the industry, with a total of around 2,300.

This Reach van has a 4-cylinder, 3.0-liter Isuzu diesel engine and has demonstrated a 35% improvement in fuel efficiency over traditional FedEx vehicles. The vehicle emissions and fuel consumption are also lower with the Reach van.

FedEx committed to improve overall fuel efficiency by more than 22% from 2005 to the year 2020. However, in March of 2013, they had already surpassed that goal. They have now set a revised goal to hit a 30% increase in efficiency by 2020.

FedEx was the first company to set a fuel efficiency goal for the U.S. transportation industry.

(Information originally taken from Light and Medium Duty Truck Magazine on-line, the article is no longer available on-line).