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Like FedEx delivery vans, the Amazon delivery truck gained popularity in the last decade when it launched its last-mile delivery program.  Then delivery vans started to play a big role in Amazon’s vast delivery network.

To get the delivery job done, Amazon bought vans from three major automobile brands namely the Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, and Mercedes-Benz sprinter. The giant online retail company also welcomed the participation of Amazon Flex Drivers and Delivery Service Partners as a reinforcement to its delivery network. 

As a Flex Driver for Amazon, you need to provide a vehicle that you own such as a sedan or parcel truck. You’ll need it to deliver Amazon’s merchandise to consumers. These are the type of vehicles acceptable to Amazon for its delivery services: 

  • Any 4-door midsize sedan
  • SUV
  • Truck or parcel van with a covered bed

How to Apply for Amazon Flex

Anyone can apply for Amazon’s Flex delivery program. However, there are company requirements that you have to comply with for your application to get through. These are:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • You must have a valid driver’s license, Social Security number
  • You must be able to provide tax information
  • You own a 4-door midsize sedan, an SUV, or any larger vehicle with a covered bed
  • Your vehicle has valid insurance and proof of registration
  • You’re willing to undergo and pass a background check
  • You have an active bank account
  • You own a later-model smartphone. If your unit is an iPhone, it should run on iOS 11 or newer. If your smartphone runs on Android, it should run on version 6.0 or higher. Both smartphones must have a 2 GB camera, GPS, sim card, and flash.

Where to Apply

To begin the application process, go to https://flex.amazon.com and download the app to know if Amazon is accepting drivers in your city.

If Amazon needs drivers in your city, fill out the form and submit it for Amazon’s consideration and scheduling/facilitating a background check on you. While waiting for the result, take time to watch their training videos so that you will learn the job processes and meet Amazon’s expectations when you’re hired.

If Amazon doesn’t have an opening for Flex drivers in your city, your name will be included in a waitlist. This means you’ll wait for a notification from amazon when spots become available.

If you are in Oklahoma City and you think you can qualify as a Flex driver but you need to invest in a better vehicle for improved efficiency, you may take a close look at the parcel trucks for sale at Truck-N-Trailer.  

How to Start a Business as Amazon Delivery Service Partner

Amazon has a different process for accepting delivery service partners because the company doesn’t consider DSPs as drivers but as hands-on business partners.

To qualify as an Amazon Delivery Service Partner, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. A license issued by the Automotive and Commercial Insurance, Cargo 

Legal Liability, and Workers’ Compensation

  1. Must have written policies for drivers and ability to train and manage 40 – 

100 employees.

  1. Owns cargo vehicles in good condition. Each cargo van or parcel truck must have a cargo area of at least 200 cubic feet.
  2. A minimum investment of $10,000.00.
  3. Commitment and willingness to deliver Amazon shipments seven days per week throughout the year.

The Steps for Applying as a DSP

Step 1: Fill out the Application / Answer Questions

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Preferred locations.

They also ask a series of yes/no questions:

  •  Are you a military veteran?
  •  Do you have experience building and developing a team?
  •  Are you ready to commit to being a hands-on DSP owner full-time?
  •  Have you ever owned and operated your own business?
  •  Have you or a business you owned ever declared for bankruptcy protection?
  •  Do you have at least $30,000 available in liquid assets?

The basic qualifications that you need to comply with include:

  • Hiring experience and ability to develop great teams
  • Commitment to act as a 100% full-time hands-on DSP operator 
  • Experience in hiring and developing great teams.
  • Liquid assets amounting to $30,000 or more
  • Strong credit history
  • Previous business ownership – preferred but not required

Step 2: Provide Additional Details in Your Application

If Amazon considers your application in the first step, Amazon will require you to provide additional details such as your experience, your skills, and reasons why you’re qualified to become a DSP. Once your application is completed, submit it for review by Amazon, and expect to receive a response in four to eight weeks.

Step 3: Be Ready for an Interview

If your application is considered, you will be required to attend an initial interview and may be asked to visit a local delivery station to see what it means to be a DSP. This process will make you evaluate whether an Amazon DSP business is for you.

Step 4: Get Formal Training

If you are invited to formal training, it means you have hurdled the first 3 stages of the application process and your application as a DSP has been accepted. This training lasts three weeks. 

Step 5: Start Your Amazon Delivery Business

After your training, you should be ready to set up your DSP business which should begin with setting up a recruiting and training team. 

Step 6: Operate Your Business

If you are interested in working with Amazon as a Delivery Service Partner, the company is currently accepting applications for these places.  

When you’re already taken in as an Amazon Flex driver or DSP, you must always remember that Amazon has grown that big because it values time, efficiency, and productivity. Deliver those things and grow with the company.

If you think you don’t possess the qualifications to become a Delivery Service Partner at Amazon, you still have a chance to work for the company by applying as an Amazon Flex driver. Of course, you’ll be using your own vehicle for this endeavor. And if by chance you’ll need a better vehicle to perform your business, you should consider Truck-N-Trailer. We offer parcel trucks for sale at competitive prices.


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