Deciding What the Segment of the Food Truck Industry You Want to Work In

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You’ve done your research, talked to drivers, route managers, route owners, interview with company’s seeking drivers and / or contractors. You’ve decided whether you want to do city delivery or longer routes that will keep you away from home overnight. You’ve checked, the company’s requirements for drivers and contractors, their equipment requirements regarding size, age, miles, insurance, bonding, any financial requirements, etc.


Our suggestion is to make a list of the company’s with two columns, one labels “PRO” and “CONS” and write out the attributes and negatives in each column for each company. This will help you to determine your best choices and the most profitable for you and your family.


Now that you have determined the company you will work for, it is time to select the best truck for the job. This is where Truck-n-Trailer can help. Our job is to help you select the right truck for your new business route.


This involves the cargo box cubic capacity including the interior length, width, and height to accommodate the maximum number of cartons or packages to supply the customer requirements for your new route.


A second consideration will be the type of box truck. A few things to consider. CDL rated, meaning over 26,000 lbs GVW, and non CDL rated, meaning under 26,000 lb GVW, sometimes rated at 25,500 and 25,950 GVW for larger box trucks.


The different types of trucks fitting the various requirements are known as Straight-DH (dock high, prox 50” deck height), Parcel Van, Step Van, and Cargo Van. The various types mentioned (and your final selection) will be determined by your route requirements, including the number of stops per day, payload, average number of miles per week, (for an annual mileage calculation) and financial abilities.


Next time we will get more involved with the uses of each of the four types mentioned above.

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