Dealing with Cargo Boxes Water Leaks

water leaks

Cargo boxes, also known as van bodies, get water leaks. Even new ones! Once they do, the next problem is finding the leak. The best solution is not getting them in the first place. If you do have a leak, how do you detect them? How do you prevent them? And how do you fix them?

“One way to detect water leaks is by looking out for water stains in the interior lining of the truck.” Kirk Booth, Service Manager at Truck-N-Trailer, said.  “Water leaks typically occur in the front, or forward, two corners of the box. This is usually where an accident or even a small impact by a tree limb, sign, or overhead awning occurred, causing a place for water to seep in.” Kirk Booth goes on to explain that if water finds its way into a box, there will almost always be water stains.

However, if the problem is new, it may be a little more difficult to locate where the water is coming from. Two recommendations from Mr. Booth would be; first, one a clear, shiny day, enter the body and pull the door down to shut out as much light as possible. Look for light coming in around any seams or joints. This may require using a ladder to look at the corner cap seams from different angles. Second, is to wait until a rainy day. On a rainy day, a water leak may be a lot easier to spot. Although, even though the vehicle may be sitting in the rain, this doesn’t necessarily mean water will leak in. Sometimes, it is necessary to take the truck for a drive. After the drive check the box afterwards to see if water really is leaking in.

As soon as a water leak is discovered, it’s best that it is fixed as quickly as possible. Doing this will help prevent further damage from happening to the box or your cargo. For example, an untreated leak in a cargo box truck with wooden floors could lead to dry rot, which is repairable. The relationship with your customer regarding damaged product may not be as easily fixed. Truck-N-Trailer can address these issues, along with most others, with our ongoing maintenance and service program.


How do you prevent water leaks?

Try to avoid unexpected contact with low hanging tree branches hitting the box at a fast speed. Passing under low bridges or overpasses can also cause damage to the roof. It is a good idea to know the height of the box of your truck and pay attention to road signs that tell you the clearance of the bridge. The best way to avoid such incidents is looking at possible reroutes for the destination.

“At Truck-N-Trailer, we offer repair services for boxes that have water leaks in them.” Mr. Booth said. “It is recommended that if a truck needs repairs that it be brought in to be seen. From there on, we can take the best course of action to fix the problem.  Depending on the kind of leak we have, we can do different things: We can simply apply silicone caulking, which could be as quick as ten minutes. Or, we can replace the entire roof.

Even when purchasing a vehicle from Truck-N-Trailer, a thorough check will be made before the actual purchase of the truck. This is to ensure that the truck being purchased has no issues with it. If there is a presence of water stains or some sort of leak, Truck-N-Trailer’s team will further inspect the vehicle and provide repairs for any sort of problems found before the purchase of the vehicle.

For more information on water leaks in box trucks, give Truck-N-Trailer a call at 405-912-5800.

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