Custom Fabrication Box Truck Ideas

With budgets getting tighter, box truck ideas have become the new wave of innovation. What you can do with them is only limited by your imagination. Turn them into a tiny house. Use custom fabrication to transform them into food trucks, mobile boutiques or landscape trucks. From personal to commercial, come explore with us the limitless possibilities.

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Landscape Trucks 

Landscape trucks provide all the functionality of a trailer, while keeping equipment safe, organized and easy to access. For example, add a dovetail ramp to a box truck or van body. This allows equipment and tools to be kept out of sight and out of mind. An open landscape body allows you to lower one side at a time, making it easy to load and unload push mowers and other large equipment. Install drop down side gates for easy access to mulch, fertilizer, or if you need to use a forklift.  There are a variety of storage boxes, hooks and shelving options available to help organize smaller tools and miscellaneous items.

Buying Landscape Trucks

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Mobile Boutique

Mobile boutiques are becoming increasingly popular. They are cost efficient and trendy, making it easy to reach a larger customer base. Outfit box trucks with everything needed to set up a successful mobile boutique, such as hanging racks, drawers, shelves, counters and dressing rooms. Wire them to meet your lighting and power needs while making sure everything is up to code. Add awnings for extra display space and shade for shoppers.

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Interview with Mobile Boutique Owner

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Food Truck

Food trucks have become one of the most popular box truck ideas. A type of box truck, also known as a delivery van, is the perfect candidate for a successful, smooth food truck operation. Install a variety of windows and doors to fit any specification. Add all of the necessary electrical, such as power outlets and fuse boxes to support ovens, grills and refrigeration.  Add plumbing and ventilation to ensure that trucks stay up to code.

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Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile dog grooming is another of many innovative box truck ideas. Not only is it convenient for dog owners, it is also convenient for groomers. Plumbing is easy to add, allowing for tubs and sprayers. Install power outlets, shelves, bins, tables and lights, promoting smooth operation.


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Tiny House

As the cost of living is increasing, people are looking for new ways to live comfortably and affordably. Box trucks are easy to convert into the tiny house of your dreams. This gives you the option to stay in one spot or travel around the country. Install the necessary electrical and plumbing to support light fixtures, outlets, appliances, and any of your bathroom or kitchen needs! Add custom windows, doors, stairs and flooring. Add just about anything you can imagine to your mobile tiny house. The possibilities are endless.

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Here are some other innovative box truck ideas:

  1. Mobile Health
    • Blood donations
    • Mobile doctors or vets
  1. Mobile Automobile Maintenance
    • Car wash
    • Oil Change
    • General repair
  1. Mobile Markets
    •  Florist
    • Farmers markets
      • Vegetable or fruit stands
    • Convenience stores
  1. Mobile Recreation
    •  Camping and travel
    • Record store
    • Bookstore
    • Beer
    • Cigar lounge


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