Cube Vans – What You Need to Know

By July 28, 2021Truck Blog


The use of commercial trucks is a necessity. In the United States alone, the trucking industry needs to haul more than 10 billion tons of cargo in order to keep the economy going. 

If you have a business that involves frequent moving of plenty of cargo or merchandise, you might be needing a cube van, if you don’t own one yet.

Cube vans are very common these days. You can see them everyday being used mostly by delivery companies. But if you want to use it exclusively for your business to save on costs and minimize delays, you might consider buying one and enjoying the benefits they offer. You may find a quality used cube van for sale if you want to own one at a lesser price. 

Cube vans are also called box vans, cube trucks or box trucks. They are a two-piece vehicle which is composed of a cab and a box-like body which serves as the vehicle’s cargo compartment.The cargo box sits on a frame and you have no way of getting access to its cargoes from the cab except through the cargo box door located at the rear of the truck.

A cargo van on the other hand is a one-piece vehicle because its cab and cargo compartment are connected. 


The Benefits of Using a Cube Van

There are a lot of good reasons why you should use a cube van for your business. Even if you buy a used cube van for sale, you can still enjoy these benefits. Just be sure to get one with a reliable quality to be able to utilize the vehicle for a long time. 

  1. Cube vans come in a variety of sizes. Depending on the needs of your business, you can maximize the use of your cube van because they are offered in different sizes and capacities.  


  1. They offer easy loading and unloading. Loading and unloading is not a problem with cube vans because they are fitted with roll-up rear doors that facilitate easy loading and unloading of cargoes.


  1. More room for cargo. Cube vans or box trucks are designed to offer more cargo space, and they are able to take in a large variety of cargo including furniture, hardware materials, and small machines. Its ability to take in more cargo can translate to fewer trips which can save you money and time.


  1. It allows maximum stacking of merchandise. Being box-shaped,a box truck allows you to stack cargoes to the max without losing space due to sloping sides.  


  1. A box truck offers free ad space. If you own the cube van, you will have one additional benefit aside from its carrying capacity. You can use its sides as a free mobile advertising space for your business. It’s actually like having a rolling billboard, which is a great way to advertise your products or services.


Having a box truck of the right size can certainly save you time and money. It also increases your opportunity to earn more because you are in complete control of your truck’s operations.

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