Correcting Carrier Safety Administration Scores with DataQ

By June 4, 2013Safety

DataQs is the online system truck safety personnel use to correct information contained in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s database (CSA). The DataQ system has a reputation for being difficult to use, but safety managers should follow these steps to get what they need:

  • Act quickly and consistently to fix incorrect information.
  • Be specific and factual when you present your case for the fix.
  • Contact the DataQs liaison in the states and establish a relationship.

Truck safety managers are able to log into the CSA database whenever they need to with their unique username and password. It’s important to do this often and regularly because

it’s more effective to get mistakes corrected soon after they are found. That way, it’s fresh on both the driver and inspector’s minds.

Do Your Research

Make sure you’re familiar with the specific law or incident you’re targeting and then be brief and factual when stating your case. Upload photos and logs to help state your case.

Deal with Your State Officials

Even though the CSA is a federal agency, the states do have some ability to administer the program. It would be to your benefit to reach out to the person(s) in your state to help you on a more local level.

If you notice an unusual number of citations at a particular inspection station, it’s suggested you go there to visit with the inspection personnel to delve into their inspection criteria.

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