Checking and Servicing Your Truck’s U Bolt

You know how to change the oil, replace belts and batteries, and check the fluids, but do you know how to check the U bolt? We recently shared summer service tips to help keep your truck rolling comfortably along. Let us show you show just how important the U bolt is.

What is It?

It is the main piece of hardware or bracket and it holds the box onto the truck chassis.

How to Check

This is a must!  Check the U bolt every 24,000 miles, or every six months.  Find it underneath the box just behind the cab of the truck. When looking beneath the truck, find a long piece of metal that runs along the edge of the chassis. This is the U bolt. Grasp the bolt with your fingers, and jiggle it. If any sort of looseness is noticeable then tightening or changing the bolt.

A loose or damaged U bolt increases the risk of damaging the vehicle and could be hazardous if any crew members working with the truck. An old or loose U bolt increases possible fatigue or stretching and will cause damage to the truck.

“The professional service technician(s) here at Truck-n-Trailer check for loose U bolts / mounting hardware each time a PM Service is performed on the customers truck. Each PM Service includes a thorough inspection of the underneath side of the truck,” says Tom Morgan, Owner and President of Truck-n-Trailer.

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