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Used Cargo Vans

3 Effective Ways To Implement Delivery Truck Accident Management

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In the trucking industry, tragedy could happen in a flash. Ever since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) started tracking crash statistics, the number of trucking accidents has never declined and instead went up.  

According to NHTSA’s latest Traffic Safety Facts Report, 2019 saw a 17 percent increase in the number of injured occupants involved in large-truck crashes from 2018 and a 19 percent increase for non-occupants.

Of all the risks, drivers are the most significant factor, so trucking companies must focus their risk management efforts on this most vital asset.  Aside from having legal… Continue reading

3 Exciting Used Delivery Van Ideas You Can Start Right Now



Whatever business you want to start, vans are the vehicles that can offer you the best overall solutions in terms of fuel efficiency, reliability, and comfort.  Compared to trucks, vans are much easier to park and have more legroom and safety features.

On top of that, customizing used delivery vans is easier, offering you more flexibility to makeover the interior and exterior however you want.  You can add shelves, folding tables, and anything else that meets the specific needs of the business you want to start.

Then again, if you buy a van that is already… Continue reading