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Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning for Buses, Tractor Trailer Rigs and On-highway Trucks

This article deals with Class 7 and 8 trucks. The cost for cleaning and replacement is lower than indicated in the article and the basics are the same for all diesel engines. In-town delivery vehicles seem to be more prone to clogging than an over-the-road vehicle.

Only within the last eight months has the issue begin to surface and become a problem for owners of lighter classed vehicles. This is due to the miles that delivery/service runs in comparison to over the road trucks.

The EPA is requiring the use of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to reduce diesel pollution that comes from trucks, buses, etc.

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CNG vs. Diesel Truck Operating Cost

CNG vs. Diesel fuel for Class 7 and 8 trucks (mainly refuse trucks), was discussed at the 2013 ACT Expo in D.C. Several truck fleet executives shared their experiences in successfully implementing natural gas in their operations. This decreased their truck operating costs.

Executives from Ryder, Paper Transport said they’d learned from the experiences of refuse trucks and have benefitted as they have converted or purchased CNG trucks for their use. Some tips shared include:

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New Medium-Duty Spring for Isuzu Trucks

Truck drivers who sit directly above the front axle of Isuzu trucks will appreciate this new medium-duty spring application. Because the Isuzu truck features a low cab forward design, it maximizes cargo space, but has a jarring ride.

The company, SuperSprings has developed SumoSpring, an airbag like application (without air), that is said to improve the ride and reduce side to side body roll. This spring is composed of a proprietary microcellular urethane so the truck’s Continue reading

Hot! Hot! HOT! Why Trucks Should Keep an Eye on Tires When Temps Rise

If your trucks routinely operate in a hot weather area or you’re just experiencing extremely hot weather, it’s critical to inspect tires prior and during a road trip. This advice comes from Bob Ulrich, editor of Modern Tire Dealer. He culled this information from the Ohio Commercial Driver License Handbook.

A quote from the handbook:

“Check the tire mounting and air pressure. Inspect the tires every two hours or every 100 miles when driving in very hot weather. Air pressure increases with temperature.

Do not let air out or the pressure will be too low when the tires cool off. If a tire is too hot to touch, remain stopped until the tire cools off. Otherwise, the tire may blow out or catch fire.”  

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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Medium-Duty Box Trucks

To achieve balance between required cargo space and weight, experts share ways fleet managers can reduce the risk of error when spec’ing and ordering.

  1. Selecting an Underweight Chassis
    Consider what you’re hauling (light vs. heavy cargo), and select a truck to achieve balance between required cargo space and weight.
  2. Mismatching Chassis & Box Lengths
    When the box of a truck has a big overhang past the rear wheels, this causes the front wheels to get ‘light’, the tires start wearing out and cupping. Purchasing truck stock from a dealer can help you confirm that the chassis cab-to-axle length can safely… Continue reading

A Letter to Dealers: Deducting or Capitalizing Amounts Paid to Acquire, Produce, or Improve Tangible Property

Dealerships Partner, Christopher F. Beaulieu authored the letter“Deducting Amounts Paid to Acquire, Produce, or Improve Tangible Property”.

Clifton Larson Allen Dealership is one of the nation’s largest public accounting and consulting firms. They serve the commercial truck and trailer industry. They posted this letter on their website for dealers to read and it provides information about handling tangible property.

This letter concerns an IRS-issued guidance from December 23, 2011 and covers whether or not businesses can deduct or must capitalize amounts payed for tangible property.

Capitalize & Improve Tangible Property letter:

Click here to read the letter on their site.



3 Ts of successful selling: Trust, Tips and Training

In the current economy and workplace, being successful with your sales calls requires an approach that includes planning ahead and developing a ‘chemistry’ with the customer. Underpining all of that is a trait often overlooked, but not undervalued – trust. Accompanying trust is training and tips to help your customer.

Knowledge of your trucks is essential and you should be able to convey benefits and features in such a way that your customer both understands and trusts what you’re saying. You need to do your homework before any meeting with a potential client. You need to understand their needs, problems, applications and maybe even know who some of their customers are.

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10 Strategies to Curb Medium-Duty Truck Operating Costs

Because of worsening road conditions, more stop-and-go traffic and higher operating costs, it’s becoming more expensive to operate medium-duty trucks. Some of the operating cost components include volatile diesel prices, higher parts and labor costs and higher tire prices.

Containing costs is a challenge. Here are 10 strategies some truck fleet owners are trying:

  1. Increased use of engine governors in medium-duty trucks.
    A maximum speed limiter can eliminate speeding tickets, aggressive driving, accidents and complaints.
  2. Rightsizing.
    More truck fleet owners are able to use smaller trucks yet meet their cargo needs.
  3. Growing acceptance of using remanufactured components.
    Because of budget… Continue reading