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Your Truck Ready For Winter?

Winter is just around the corner, and it’s important to begin preparing now to ensure you’re not stuck out in the cold in the months ahead – especially with important deliveries due. Here are some tips to get your truck ready for the winter months:

Have a tune-up and make those repairs now. Most people wait until spring or summer to have their battery checked, but right before winter is the best time to have your battery, electrical components, fluids and tires (including the spare!) inspected to ensure you’ll be able to start the engine on those cold mornings. If… Continue reading

Checking and Servicing Your Truck’s U Bolt

You know how to change the oil, replace belts and batteries, and check the fluids, but do you know how to check the U bolt? We recently shared summer service tips to help keep your truck rolling comfortably along. Let us show you show just how important the U bolt is.

What is It?

It is the main piece of hardware or bracket and it holds the box onto the truck chassis.

How to Check

This is a must!  Check the U bolt every 24,000 miles, or every six months.  Find it underneath the box just behind the… Continue reading

Battery Service for Used Trucks

The click-click-click may mean you need a battery service check-up. The sound of your truck not starting is more than annoying. It stops your day and means the battery not starting the engine. So before you hear the often-termed “death” sound for your battery, make sure you take preventative measures to stop it from happening.Battery Service

Your truck battery supplies electricity for the starter, engine and electronic accessories and stores energy from the alternator. Needless to say, a non-working battery can derail your summer deliveries before it even begins.

Battery Corrosion

Corrosion happens with the natural gases from the battery condense… Continue reading

Summer Truck Maintenance: Prepare Your Truck For The Busy Season

Summer is near and it’s time to think about transitioning to the different driving conditions. Here in Oklahoma, the extreme summer heat can be as tough on your truck as the harsh winter weather. And if you’re driving plans call for trips to other parts of the country, you may encounter both Extreme heat, and mild temperatures on a single trip.

To ensure your truck is prepared to roll comfortably along, without mishaps or breakdowns, here are some service tips that go beyond the obvious oil and filter changes and lube jobs. These summer… Continue reading

‘Thinner’ Oil and Truck Fuel Efficiency

Learn how thinner oil effects truck fuel efficiency. Lowering the viscosity of heavy duty engine oils in trucks is front and center in the future. ‘Thinner’ oils produce increased truck fuel economy efficiency and it lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Of course this is well known by lubricant makers. The challenge is to keep trucks vital parts effectively lubed while not decreasing engine life.

thinner oil effects truck fuel efficiencyA New Category

This low viscosity oil is in a new engine oil category – Proposed Category 11. the American Petroleum Institute (API) is developing the oil. Manufacturers want this new category of oil to handle the… Continue reading

What Happens To Expired CNG Tanks?

While the benefits of CNG vehicles are well documented – what do owners of CNG vehicles or fleets do when their tanks reach their expiration date?

NGVAmerica estimates approximately 110,000 NGVs (natural gas vehicles) are in use in the United States today, displacing about 360 million gasoline-gallon equivalents (GGE) per year.

Standards For CNG Cylinder Life

There have been a couple revisions in standards for lifetime of a CNG cylinder. The latest one came in 2007 that raised the lifespan to 25 years. After this time, tanks can not be recertified and must be taken out of service. The owners… Continue reading

Will the Truck Fuel of the Future be Diesel?

Learn about the multiple fuel sources: natural gas, biodiesel, algae-based diesel, hybrids, dimethyl-ether and hydrogen fuel cells. What does the future hold for diesel-  will it be the truck fuel in the future?

Which one or combination is the best path for the future? Daimler’s Mark Lampert says diesel and natural gas are the fuels to watch going forward.

Explore this article and read Lampert’s thoughts on the subject of diesel vs. natural gas and alternative fuels.

We invite you to read the rest of this article written by Jim Park at Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine.





Truck Engine Oil Q & A

Truck Engine Oil Q. Why can’t I use a CI-4 Plus truck engine oil in an engine that calls for CJ-4?

A. CJ-4 oils are formulated to provide optimum durability and compatibility for diesel particulate filters. Using CI-4 shortens the service life of the diesel particulate filter. Expect to replace the DPF or a budget for higher maintenance costs and engines manufactured after 2007 require using of CJ-4 oils because they come with DPFs.

Q. If a truck engine oil meets the API category and any other standards set by my engine maker, what’s the difference between that and a premium… Continue reading

Evaluating Alternative Fuel Technologies

Fleet owners are evaluating alternative fuel technologies in order to reduce their fuel bills. Owners try to match fuel alternatives to their fleet profile.

Kevin Beaty, Calstart vice president and director of its High Efficiency Truck Users Forum, has shared five steps every fleet owner should step through when evaluating alternative fuel technologies:

1. Baseline your fleet

Determine your fleet’s fuel usage and measure yearly fuel burn for each vehicle.

2. Know your options

Can you eliminate or reduce truck idling? Consider changes in operations, i.e. matching vehicles to their applications better and removing poorly performing vehicles.

3. Match your… Continue reading